Rentwise Headquarters in Malaysia

Our Vision

To be the leading accredited Green IT Infrastructure Service Partner focused on making the valued difference for our clients and the environment.

Our Mission

  1. Partnering our clients to deliver outstanding quality and value in our suite of offerings.
  2. Constantly creating returns through service excellence and product innovation.
  3. Growing our business with integrity, reliability and responsibility towards our stakeholders and the environment.

Rentwise is a leading provider of Green IT Infrastructure Services in Malaysia. By understanding our clients’ IT goals, we deliver products and services with a valued difference that meet our clients’ and the environment’s needs. As a trusted partner, we take care of your IT efficiencies so that you can focus on your business aspirations.

Our  business model has proven to be a cost-effective and sensible solution, in both technical and financial terms, to implement an adequate and efficient IT infrastructure across the organization that avoids over specification and subsequent overspend. This is possible as no high upfront cost of equipment acquisition is necessary and there are no hidden costs. Companies can now upgrade both their hardware and software to a consistent and current platform that minimizes maintenance, security and productivity issues, at a cost that is unbelievably friendly to the balance sheet.

Founded in August 2001 by Leanne Ooi, the humble beginnings of a small company of 6 personnel has witnessed tremendous growth to being an organisation of more than 60 people today based in Shah Alam, Malaysia.

Presently, the Green IT business of Rentwise is comprised of three business units with distinct but complementary functions to support its Green IT Infrastructure Service offerings. They are Retrivium (handles IT Asset Disposal & Management Service), Ternarium (providing Business Technology Consultancy Services) and Itwise (responsible for the re-marketing of off-lease IT assets through the e-commerce platform).

Together, they help propel the organisation forward to service its many partners in industries ranging from high tech manufacturing and F&B to the education and FMCG sectors.

To find out more about how you can partner with us to help your business save money, please feel free to contact us.