Rentwise offers a variety of Managed IT Services that are specific and unique to your organization’s needs. Our approach is to always seek and understand the needs of each client before we propose a tailored solution to meet them.

From experience, we are very aware of the challenges companies face in managing IT infrastructures. Taking this into consideration, we have developed a range of Managed IT Services that include:


Rentwise One-Off Technical ServicesOur one-off technical services cover the following key areas:

  • Installation, upgrade and configuration of servers, storage and network devices
  • Operating system migration from old to new servers and comprehensive deployment of new desktops equipment
  • Server, storage and network decommissioning services as well as IT assets disposal including comprehensive data erasure services


Rentwise Contract-based Maintenance & SupportOur highly customizable but comprehensive contract-based maintenance and support service helps ensure a sound implementation of your IT infrastructure with a perfect peace of mind.

We provide maintenance and support for multiple range of IT equipment including servers, storage, network, laptops and desktops. All our Support engineers are well trained and work collaboratively to ensure that our clients receive best practice IT service, support and delivery.

Our contract-based maintenance and support includes:

  • Periodic Maintenance
  • On-site Support
  • Remote support
  • Outsourced Helpdesk


Rentwise Managed Maintenance ServicesRentwise’s managed maintenance services serve as a single point of contact to manage maintenance across enterprise and products. It covers workstations, PCs, printers, servers, mobile devices and both networking hardware and software.

It features:

  • Service Call Management and Multi Service Provider Management in a single contract
  • Onsite hardware break/fix
  • Service Delivery Management
  • Helpdesk for problem reporting, tracking and measurement

The benefits of a managed maintenance service includes:

  • Single Vendor
  • Standardized Service Level Agreement
  • Streamline Manageability
  • Improve Productivity
  • Increase Efficiency

For each of the above 3 Managed IT Services, we have the expertise of highly skilled Project Managers who will be able to cater to your needs. To find out more about how your business could benefit from our Managed IT services, please contact us.

Molly Jagpal, Executive Director of British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (BMCC)“I am delighted that Rentwise is a partner and sponsor of our chamber and I will not hesitate to recommend their services to our members.”

- Molly Jagpal, Executive Director, British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce