Top 10 Reasons to rent IT Equipment with Rentwise

An array of rented desktops

In the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, companies all across the world are now considering much more carefully how budgets are spent. Management is tasked to look at making business practices more effective with a lot of focus placed on optimizing the utilization of cash. To do this, IT equipment rental has emerged as one of the most cost effective business solution.

There may be numerous ways to drive down your operation costs but why rent? Renting your IT Equipment, as opposed to ownership for a positive financial impact provides a compelling argument, and it helps in a variety of ways, which may never have been considered previously.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of renting from Rentwise and what makes us different from conventional leasing:

  1. Prepare for rainy days: Rental improves cash flow and releases capital for critical investments in uncertain economic times.
  2. Accurate budgeting: Rental minimizes the funding burden. Instead of ownership and the many hidden costs that come with it, you can now structure your IT expenditure in line with your business plans and have a predictable trend of IT spend. Payment quantum and cycles can be tailored so that budgeting and administrative management are easier and straightforward.
  3. Expenses allocation and tracking: Rental payments can be treated as an operational expense. This allows you to track costs by department, to measure expenditure and allocate resources.
  4. Infrastructure standardization: Avoid “piecemeal” acquisition, which perpetuates a company’s diverse and mismatched infrastructure. More equipment with the same configuration means more effective support and maintenance.
  5. Infrastructure management: Renting helps to establish a defined life cycle for IT equipment. Be free of obsolescence, storage and disposal risks. The tracking of assets is also taken care of to provide a complete and accurate overview of records of all the assets rented.
  6. Flexibility: A capital purchase tends to lock your organisation into the IT asset. It is difficult to roll back a capital purchase decision. Renting gives the customer flexibility to make changes during the rental period, to upgrade equipment when necessary and passes equipment ownership risks and issues to the rental provider. This is in turn allows you to meet the needs of your growing business.
  7. Reduction in maintenance and support costs: Maintenance and support for your rented assets are administered to keep your productivity high and downtime low, allowing you to focus on supporting your core business. Naturally this also allows your organisation to reduce maintenance and support costs.
  8. IT lifecycle management: IT Lifecycle Services starting right from requirement scoping ensure equipment stays current for your business needs and upon retiring the equipment, you do not need to be concerned with the headaches associated with storage, data sanitation and disposal.
  9. Right tools for the right job: Our SDOE plan has the option of utilising high quality new and/or remanufactured pre-owned IT equipment. In many areas, particularly with clerical and basic application usage, the use of new IT equipment across the board is not necessary (overkill). Renting a combination of new and remanufactured pre-owned equipment lowers IT spend but at the same time ensures your users are equipped with the right type of equipment to do the job.
  10. Vendor Independence: By not tying ourselves down to any specific vendors, we are able to provide you the flexibility of choosing equipment brands that best meet your needs.

For many companies, just the thought of having to buy computer equipment results in sleepless nights and a lot of headaches. That is not to be the case if you work with us.

With Rentwise’s wide range of reliable and proven products or services that comes with an easy IT financing approach, most of your equipment needs can easily be solved with just one phone call to us.

Alvin Lee, Senior Manager of Information Systems Division of Warisan TC Holdings Mayflower“There are many good reasons why we are renting IT equipment, not just one. The most obvious is cost savings, but there are more.”

- Alvin Lee, Senior Manager of Information Systems Division, Warisan TC Holdings (Mayflower)