Unique Selling Proposition

Making a decision to work with an experienced, distinguished, reliable and most importantly, proven IT Rental company is never easy. There are many factors at play in helping guide one’s choice towards a successful and effective implementation of an IT Rental solution.

At Rentwise, we take ownership of your requirements and listen closely to your business needs. Our sensitivity towards each and every client’s need, drives us to perform better. After all, your growth enables us to grow together with you too and we benchmark success by how we are able to work and partner with you long term.

Our Vision of delivering Comprehensive, Hassle Free and Cost Effective IT Rental solutions to ensure customer service excellence maintains and seals our uniqueness.


Rentwise continues adding new products and solutions to ensure we cover all bases and meet clients’ growing IT requirements. Starting initially with providing only PCs, the IT Rental offering now encompasses Servers, Network Products, Office Automation Products (IP-PBX), Microsoft OS and Office, Asset Management, Desktop Virtualization,  Bandwidth Management and Optimization.

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher


Rentwise is also a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher as part of the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher Programme.

Hassle Free

Rentwise aims to make things simpler for our clients in managing their IT requirements. We are the largest IT Rental company in Malaysia to provide all 3 key elements any advanced IT Rental Solutions provider should offer; Financing, Consultancy and Project Management and Maintenance, Support and IT Lifecycle Management as part of our total IT Rental offering.

We are also Vendor Independent, thus, allowing clients to make a choice in selecting their preferred equipment brands.

Cost Effective

This is where our Standard Operating Environment Model ensures expenditure on IT requirements is kept as cost effective as possible. A combination of equipment is proposed according to client requirements. If the need is for high end technology applications, new equipment will be considered, otherwise, pre-owned fully refurbished equipment will be proposed for more standard requirements.

Feasibility testing and proof of concept works are carried out on equipment types proposed to ensure full functional capabilities are met prior to deployment taking place.