Why Rent IT Equipment from Rentwise?

Have You Experienced Budget Constraints Or Software Incompatibility Due To A Non-Standardized IT Platform?
Are You Facing Problems Tracking Your IT Assets Or Allocating IT Staff?
Do You Have Rooms Filled With Obsolete IT Equipment?

Software incompatibility due to a non-standardized IT platform

Are you experiencing software incompatibility due to a non-standardized IT platform?

We are certain most if not all organisations experience some of these challenges. Rentwise can help you overcome these business frustrations and improve your efficiency. How do we do it? The answer lies in renting your IT equipment from us.

Today, there are more computing devices than there are employees. Some employees even have numerous computing devices, such as the BlackBerry or an iPhone in addition to a Desktop and/or Laptop.

IT and IT services needs are guaranteed to evolve in the years to come and there will be even more devices than the already numerous ones available today. The one certainty in business is that there are no certainties.

With that, why are companies still buying and servicing their IT equipment as they did in the 1990’s, when there is simply no need for it? At Rentwise, we rent and lease desktops, laptops, servers and printers with the latest software. We don’t stop just there. We maintain and manage them so you can work with total peace of mind.

Whether you’re a SME or MNC establishment, renting IT equipment makes perfect sense. A highly customizable and flexible rental agreement can be specifically tailored to suit your needs.

Trouble allocating IT staffs efficiently

Having trouble allocating IT staffs efficiently?

What and where are my IT assets?

What and where are your IT assets?

The following are benefits that you will enjoy when you rent your IT equipment from Rentwise:

IT rental benefits

What Makes Rentwise Different: Completing Your IT Lifecycle

Completing your IT lifecycle

Rentwise pioneered the Standard Desktop Operating Environment (SDOE) Solution, a highly effective solution that enables you to fully understand your IT infrastructure requirements and optimise your software and hardware use around these requirements.

The SDOE framework unique to your organisation’s IT infrastructure is developed based on your employees’ as well as organisation’s level of IT usage. The level of resource demand is ascertained to ensure the right equipment for the right jobs are deployed accordingly.

Any existing obsolete equipment will be disposed of (optional) following strict environmental standards. This approach optimizes your IT expenditure, maximises productivity and infrastructure stability and with equipment maintenance and support taken care of so you can work with total peace of mind.

Experiencing IT budget constraints

Are you experiencing IT budget constraints?

A room filled with obsolete IT equipment

Do you have rooms filled with obsolete IT equipment?

Our cost-effective payment plan allows your organisation to easily budget your IT expenses over its useful life cycle, thus freeing up your cash flow and you will be managing a predictable trend of IT expenditure in no time.

Simply put, you leave the infrastructure management and all its worries to us, so that you can spend precious time running your business. Less headache, leads to higher productivity!

Top 10 Reasons To Rent With Rentwise

Still not convinced on why you should rent IT equipment with us? We totally understand your concerns. Just as with any businesses, in-depth knowledge and awareness of what you’re getting into is vital to justify your investments. We have listed down top 10 reasons on why you should invest in a sound rental solution for maximum returns.