Rentwise CEO

Circular Economy Warrior: Leading the way on Remanufacturing

Circular economy model is a key approach to sustainability as we push the nation forward to a quality societal and environmental growth. In a recent interview covered by The Edge, Leanne Ooi the CEO of Rentwise shares her view and passion in bringing the organisation one step closer to helping children from the disadvantaged community of Malaysia, as they repurpose Green IT as a solution in aiding and improving remote learning amongst students today.

Data Backup

Better be safe than sorry

The buzz word is “the new norm”. Mankind is still learning to maneuver and adapt around the course the COVID-19 pandemic has left in its trail. Amid this upheaval, many have made abrupt shift to working from home. So, is that enough? It is not just the matter of uprooting from office to home. The shift is massive and consequential with major considerations from policies and processes that need to be attended to.

Rentwise MDEC


Rentwise Sdn Bhd, an accredited remanufacturer by Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and a registered social enterprise with Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC), in partnership with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), announces the sponsorship of 30 refurbished notebooks to Tenom Innovation Centre (TIC), Tenom, Sabah totalling up to RM39,000 under an initiative known as Digital Learning Empowerment Program (DLEP).

Pay For Your Software or Pay The Price

We are in an age of growing and ever evolving technology advancement. With it comes many programmes and software which is made available online that enhances efficiency. That been said, there are also growing trends of software piracy. Software piracy is defined as an act of illegally copying or distributing software without being the rightful…

Rentwise as a Green IT remanufacturer

Rentwise giving new lease of life to retired PCs

An interview published in Sin Chew Daily showcases Rentwise as a Green IT remanufacturer, transforming and giving new lease of life to retired PCs. Driven by the holistic purpose of a circular economy, Rentwise has been innovating for the past 19 years to maximise the lifespan of PCs for up to 3 life-cycles with our extensive 16-step remanufacturing process.

Circular Economy: As good as new

Discover how Ms Leanne Ooi , CEO and Founder of Rentwise Sdn Bhd overcame the many challenges faced and through it all, has since, grown the company to a leading Green IT Infrastructure provider. Driven by the holistic purpose of a circular economy, Rentwise is accredited by MITI and a registered social enterprise with MaGIC.

Rentwise Sdn Bhd judged winner in the Circular Economy Leadership Category, Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2020

An inaugural win for Rentwise Sdn Bhd under the Circular Economy Leadership category of the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2020 at the 6th International CSR & Sustainability Summit ICS Summit 2020. The sole Malaysian winner of the category, this award is an affirmation of Rentwise’s relentless commitment and leadership towards remanufacturing for a sustainable environment…