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IT Equipment Renting Helps Sustain Publishing Business’ Operations Success.

IT director, Wataru Kambe speaks of working with RentwiseThe publishing landscape – print and e-media is one highly demanding, complicated and rapidly evolving business. In an age of multimedia interactivity, the importance of having an efficient IT infrastructure, especially in the publishing industry is undeniable.

From efficient distribution of content to frequent connection with vendors, sales and marketing staff as well as their online audience, publishers need to utilize a host of technology components to ensure a quick business response time. Hence, engaging Rentwise’s reliable IT infrastructure rental services has proven to be the right decision for Proto Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Wataru Kambe, IT Director of Proto Malaysia reveals strings of benefits reaped from Rentwise’s excellent IT Rental Solution.


Information-Driven Business

Wataru Kambe, IT Director of Proto MalaysiaFor over a decade, Proto Malaysia – formerly known as MTM Multimedia has been helping car owners and seekers on car listings and shopping through a hassle-free experience. Mainstream consumers at large are now relying on easily accessible automotive classified websites like Motor Trader (www.motortrader.com.my) at a click of their fingertips and at the comfort of their home.

Backed by a team of about 100 staff in three venues – Kuala Lumpur (HQ), Johor Bahru and Penang, the car-sourcing portal which made its debut in 2000 is currently serving over 400,000 online users monthly – 49% of which are returning visitors. In fact, the Motor Trader portal is one of the few signature products offered by the subsidiary of the renowned Japan-based Proto Corporation.

In addition to a myriad of cars and accessories listings, its leading weekly automobile magazine, Motor Trader also provides the latest news coverage and tips from the automotive industry.

Today, Proto Malaysia is the country’s number one and most highly sought-after automotive classifieds company. Besides Motor Trader, the company also publishes four other magazines – the monthly AutoCar, bimonthly ZeroToHundred, Fastbikes as well as the biweekly Bike Trader under its portfolio.

To optimize resources without sacrificing business performance, the company needs an efficient and sustainable strategy driven by an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure that is standardized and compatible across its organization. That’s when Rentwise’s expertise comes in handy.

Powered By Rentwise

Wataru Kambe, IT Director of Proto MalaysiaAccording to Wataru Kambe, a critical success factor in running a fast-paced publications business is to adhere to stringent publishing deadlines.

“No unscheduled downtime is forgivable in this business,” says Wataru who joined Proto Malaysia two years ago and has been the driving force behind the company’s IT team.

For the past three years, Proto Malaysia’s day-to-day operations has been  strengthened with the help of close to 100 PCs – 95% desktops and 5% laptops rented from Rentwise.. Citing that equipment rented is a combination of new and refurbished specifications tailored to specific user needs, the company has enjoyed uninterrupted operations.

“Decent rental rates, coupled with a convenient and fast turn-around support service, is the main factor of Rentwise’s IT rental solution appeal,” he said succinctly and added that about 80 percent of  rented IT equipments are used for  internal administrative works and to facilitate its interactive website development tasks.

A Firm Believer In Renting

Wataru Kambe, IT Director of Proto Malaysia

While the Malaysian office has just engaged Rentwise’s service for the second term; according to Wataru, this isn’t his first encounter with an IT infrastructure renting service.

Prior to his relocation to Malaysia, the Tokyo-based director was a member of Proto Corporation’s IT Solutions Department – overseeing their websites.

“In fact, IT technology renting is a very popular business practice in Japan. Proto Corporation itself has been engaging this service for quite some time,” explains Wataru.

A Hassle-Free IT Rental Solution

Wataru Kambe, IT Director (right) of Proto MalaysiaRentwise’s IT rental solution undoubtedly helps Proto Malaysia’s seven-member HQ-based IT team support all three business locations by managing any hardware and software crisis with speed and ease.

“It is also cost effective from a management standpoint. By renting, we avoid the need to constantly keep track of software licenses and worry about hardware support and maintenance. Our focus can be directed to other more important business support matters,” adds Wataru.

Besides enjoying a fast response time, Wataru explains that another reason worth applauding Rentwise for is their attention to detail. This is proven from the service provided especially in the data sanitization of end-of-lease equipment which adheres to stringent data sanitization standards.

Rentwise’s bundled insurance coverage is also an added advantage. He says: “It also gives us peace of mind as we need not have to spend money tending to lost or damaged computers.”

Not Just Green With Profits, But Green For The Future

Rentwise’s concern over environmental issues and focus on sustainable development is another key attribute that we identify with, says Wataru. Now that Proto Malaysia is aware of Rentwise’s initiative of refurbishing IT equipment as a contribution to the less fortunate, there is interest to take forward a collaborative effort to facilitate a joint CSR mission.

Surging Ahead Through Stronger Ties

With its online mobile services contributing to Proto Malaysia’s leading position in the motor news publications arena, the company recognizes the importance of forging a stronger partnership with Rentwise for reliable IT rental solutions.

Wataru Kambe, IT Director (right) of Proto Malaysia

Wataru Kambe, IT Director of Proto Malaysia

Moving forward, Proto Malaysia is also keen to explore server rental options, a new service Rentwise introduced last year.

All in all, the undisputed leader of online automotive classifieds aims to enhance its interactive media services. This move will further strengthen its niche position in the market by establishing its service as a phenomenon that is highly sought after in the long run by its audience.

While the print media has been its major annual revenue generator, the company foresees interactive media (Motor Trader portal) having a stronger market attraction which will hold a larger influence in the future direction of vehicle shopping ecosystems.

“Smart phones and mobile devices are two must-haves these days. So, we hope that with the release of our very own iOS searching application in the near future, consumers can enjoy a better car shopping experience,”  he added.

“This aspiration for growth and improvement of our services requires a sound backing of an optimized infrastructure through IT Rental Solution with excellent support. We are indeed happy to find that in Rentwise,” Wataru says. “Our highly satisfactory working relationship with Rentwise has been further strengthened by a growing trustworthiness of their service,” Wataru adds.

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