BMCC Relies On Hassle Free And Holistic IT Services Through The Rentwise Rental Model

A Chamber Of Commerce Functions Just Like Any Other Business And IT Issues Are Just As Important. Efficiency Is Key And Avoiding IT Problems Starts With The Right Consultation.

The British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce, typically referred to as BMCC, is a business like any other SME. The team is small and people need to be able to multitask. Computer issues can impact dealings with its several hundred corporate member companies and the work with government agencies.


Sensitivity To BMCC’s IT Needs

Molly Jagpal at British Malaysian Chamber of CommerceWhen BMCC was planning to replace their existing IT infrastructure in January 2011, the management considered Rentwise from a holistic viewpoint. After an in-depth study of the requirements of every staff member, Rentwise identified the right equipment for each person in the office, ensuring everyone had the appropriate equipment for their tasks.

Upgrading monitors to bigger screens was just one of the results that helped improve the work environment in BMCC. The next step for Rentwise was to work closely with the appointed IT management service provider. Recurring issues were detected and addressed before new equipment was chosen.

Molly Jagpal, Executive Director of BMCC says, “I loved how Rentwise talked to our staff individually to ensure that they prescribed the right equipment for us.  They upgraded our screen sizes as a result of our staffs’ feedback, provided machines with higher RAM to prevent “freezing” issues and have given us many useful tips on how we can be smarter in our working methods.” This comprehensive approach to the IT needs of BMCC was what convinced BMCC that Rentwise is the perfect partner for the requirements of the chamber.

After understanding BMCC’s IT infrastructure requirements, Rentwise delivered seven desktops and one laptop to BMCC. More importantly however were the services provided to ensure that the work in BMCC continued not only without interruption, but with higher efficiency and total peace of mind.

A One-Stop Solution From Rentwise

Rentwise came with a highly qualified team to install the computers, set up the network and printers. Network connectivity was established and each computer configured to set up user profiles and antivirus protection. Following this, the professional Rentwise team migrated all existing data from the previous computers, set up Outlook profiles and finished with the transfer of archived files.

Lastly, Share O software as well as UBS accounting and inventory applications were added to round off the software packages used in BMCC. While all these were happening, BMCC found comfort in knowing that not only were the hardware upgraded, everything else were also improved from an IT point of view.

Since BMCC stores a lot of sensitive data of their corporate members (i.e. discussions with government agencies and other trade related information), the migration process has to take this important detail into account. Data wiping and decommissioning of the previous computers were flawlessly executed by Rentwise.

Big Solutions For Small Establishments In Managing Risk

Molly Jagpal, Executive Director of British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (BMCC)This case study of BMCC shows that the Rentwise rental model works even for smaller companies and isn’t something that is only suitable for MNCs. “There are many benefits in using rented IT equipment”, Molly elaborates further. According to her, the minimum upfront cost is an obvious attractive benefit. Renting meant avoiding paying large upfront costs. This advantage is crucial for an SME like BMCC.

Further to that, Rentwise provided BMCC with the latest upgrades and advances in technology, all of which the organisation felt it may not have afforded it, had they acquired them otherwise. Beyond the hardware, there is also the notion of managing risk: If and when the equipment fails, it is usually due to factors beyond the company’s control. Which company can claim they have never had any issues with their computers?

Under the terms of agreement between Rentwise and BMCC, the chamber is not held responsible for any hardware maintenance works or maintenance fees. This is yet again another demonstration of a smarter way of managing uncertainties of any potential risk that could affect the finances of the organisation.

A Satisfied Client And A Growing Business

BMCC also has a lot of good things to say about the helpline that Rentwise has in place to assist customers with their IT problems. “You get good response times from Rentwise! My laptop malfunctioned and within 3 hours it was replaced.  Whenever we have had any difficulty we called the Rentwise 24 hours helpline and their technical support team have speedily and successfully remedied every problem we’ve had to date”, Molly adds.

As the chamber is growing, the need for additional IT infrastructure will clearly arise. Based on the experience with Rentwise, BMCC will certainly stock up on PCs using the Rentwise rental model.

Molly praises Rentwise by emphasising the strong bonds between the two organisations. “I am delighted that Rentwise is a partner and sponsor of our chamber and I will not hesitate to recommend their services to our corporate members”.

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