CTRM’s Solution To Maintaining Focus On Its Core Business And Reducing CAPEX

Smart IT Solutions That Save Time And Cost Keeps CTRM Competitive In The Aerospace Industry

The PC rental service is one of the top priorities of CTRM’s IT operations, as it helps lower operational costs and maximise available resources to focus on the company’s core business functions which in return improves ROI.

Smart IT Solutions For An Efficient Operation

Composite Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) Group MIS Head, En. SafiudinIncorporated in November 1990, Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM), has a key responsibility as they are an integral player involved in developing Malaysia’s high technology based industries, in this case the aerospace and composites industry. In fact, CTRM is part of a global supply chain of composites aero structure suppliers for major commercial and military aircraft manufacturers in the world.

According to En. Safiudin Abdullah, Group MIS Head, CTRM grew rapidly in the first few years – as they were the pioneer in the market here. Apart from manufacturing composite aero structures, CTRM also provides engineering design services, composites assembly, composites R&D, manufacturing of automotive composite structures and manufacturing of defense-related equipment.

He states, “Having the right IT infrastructure, as demonstrated by our engagement with Rentwise, helps give us an edge over our competitors. In addition to cost savings, the support structure provided by Rentwise has assisted us to achieve a more streamlined operation. Adopting the rental model has smoothened our operational work, making it more efficient.”

Downtime Can Lead To Loss Of Business

Based in Cyberjaya, CTRM currently has more than 1,500 employees across seven subsidiaries. These subsidiaries were formed to facilitate the approval of manufacturing/design works.

Three of the subsidiaries, namely, CTRM HQ, Aero Composite (AC) and UST, currently engage Rentwise for PC Rental Services. AC and UST are located in Melaka.

With big clients on their portfolio, long downtime would most certainly decrease work performance in the company. Safiudin points out, “Although we do not run any time-critical applications, nevertheless we cannot afford to experience any technology glitches as the various components of our organisation, e.g. Human Resource, Administration and Marketing, are all highly dependent on the use of computers.”

He highlights, “We are running a very competitive business here and any downtime, no matter how small, is still a dent in our profitability. When there is any malfunction in our IT equipment, the major issue to arise would be a breakdown in our channels of communication with both internal and external customers, and the loss of communication could mean loss of business.”

The Right Tools For The Right Job

Composite Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) Group MIS Head, En. Safiudin with Rentwise personnelRentwise is sensitive to CTRM’s business needs and is able to cater to their requirements by proposing the relevant IT equipment with just the right specifications for their needs. On the whole, CTRM’s requirements were easily met due to the administrative nature of the majority of the work in the office (especially in the HQ).

Safiudin explains, “Our rented computers are mainly used for office applications and other administrative work. We definitely do not want to kill an ant with a hammer, and Rentwise has put together just the right tools for the right job.”

He adds, “We certainly do not need high-performance computers. Hence, it does not seem sensible to buy new equipments, as our requirements are standard. The existing rented refurbished equipment more than suffices. In the event of a machine breaking down, we save a huge amount of time and money from the hassle of repairing the machines to purchasing replacement components. This is thanks to Rentwise’s professional and amiable Helpdesk and Service Delivery team who provide efficient technical support for any equipment break down.”

Maintaining Focus On CTRM’s Core Business

For Safiudin, one of the biggest bonuses and plus points of Rentwise’s rental model lies in their Hot Swap solution in which backup units are placed on stand-by and ready to be deployed in the event of a break down. He asserts, “Rentwise provides us with a peace of mind as we do not have to worry about any downtime. They respond swiftly in the event of any problem and the services they render are highly satisfactory.”

Composite Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) Group MIS Head, En. Safiudin with Rentwise personnelBeing fully responsible for all the rental computers they provide, Rentwise is able to provide the necessary support, especially in managing and tracking these assets. Rentwise’s engineers are also responsible for dealing with the technical details of hardware support/troubleshooting, which is a time consuming process.

Another reason for this successful partnership is because Rentwise practices high standards of data sanitisation. Safiudin explains, “We are happy to be working with partners who take their jobs very seriously. In fact, even before we started renting IT equipment from Rentwise, we had been practicing our own data sanitisation policy as our organisation’s data is highly sensitive and confidential.”

According to him, decommissioned machines would have its data duly wiped out. “Currently, before we return any rented machines to Rentwise, we conduct our own data wiping process. After we have done that, Rentwise will perform their own data sanitisation process and it is great to know there is an added layer of security. This efficient handling of data has absolutely provided me with a peace of mind”, Safiudin elaborates.

In addition to the substantial savings in terms of time and money, CTRM’s employees can now focus their resources on managing other more productive business functions. Safiudin says, “By partnering with Rentwise, we have greatly reduced our CAPEX. This rental model is also friendlier to our balance sheet as Finance can now factor the cost of renting as a variable cost over certain duration. We do not feel the stinging pinch of an immediate huge upfront cost.”

He affirms that, “We now know exactly how much we need to spend from period A to B, and how much more to spend in period C. This has clearly assisted us in drawing up an accurate budget and laying out the growth path of the organisation. This cost effectiveness is infectious. There is no point investing in high CAPEX when technology rapidly becomes outdated. How can any organisations not recognise this huge benefit?”

The Perfect Business Partner

In any business dealings, according to Safiudin, trust is always a major issue. In fact, trust is the foundation for many successful and rewarding partnerships. He recalled how the partnership between CTRM and Rentwise started.

“In the beginning, we had challenges maintaining contact with numerous personnel at Rentwise for different purposes. We found that to be a hassle when we had to get in touch with multiple contact points for technical, legal, billing and support needs.”

Composite Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) Group MIS Head, En. Safiudin“After a while, we asked Rentwise to provide us with just one single point of contact. They considered our request and gladly obliged. Since then, we have been working with an account manager who handles all of our needs. They listened and grew with us, and we are very happy about that.”

To date, many service providers have approached CTRM to offer their services. Although the company conducts vendor reviews from time to time, Rentwise has always been at the front of the line. One of the most appealing features, Safiudin emphasizes, is the company’s competitive pricing. This was matched by the excellent support service Rentwise offers.

He says, “We consider Rentwise as our virtual partner, even an internal component of our organisation due to their efficiency. They have a strong understanding of our business. We are committed towards working long term with Rentwise because nothing beats their responsiveness.”

Working As A Team

CTRM continues to maintain its own IT department as the staff is needed to provide the first level of support to its users. Safiudin clarifies, “At times, our users may not be able to communicate clearly the problems they are experiencing with their computers to Rentwise’s engineers. Hence, it is important that our internal IT staff ‘pre-digest’ the information, before identifying and then conveying the nature of the problems to Rentwise’s engineers in order for them to get straight to the heart of the matter.”

“In other words, our IT staff becomes the first point of contact in their collaboration with Rentwise’s engineers for a smoother IT operation. We work as a team with Rentwise. They not only complement our business, they also help expedite the support process. The cost savings resulting from this partnership is both short and long term.”

A Firm Believer Of Rental

Composite Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) Group MIS Head, En. Safiudin with teamRecognising the benefits of Rentwise’s rental model, Safiudin is now convinced that CTRM’s other subsidiaries should follow its footsteps in building a successful working relationship with Rentwise. He enthuses, “We are a firm believer in renting! There is no reason why our many other subsidiaries cannot follow in our path and reap the numerous benefits of Rentwise’s rental model. In fact, we have managed to convince several of our subsidiaries to secure the rental services of Rentwise.”

When CTRM first signed up for Rentwise’s rental model, the company started off by renting only 10 units of computers as a test of the latter’s services at its HQ in Cyberjaya. However, CTRM soon began to realise the cost savings involved and expanded its agreement to 30 units at its HQ. Shortly after, CTRM’s subsidiaries, AC and UST, rented over 200 units of computers in total.

Safiudin confirms, “Rentwise is currently supporting us with about 250 units of rented computers. Although we started renting in small numbers in the beginning, we quickly increased the number of rental units when we saw the advantages as well as the cost savings. In my opinion, business operations of any sizes, both small and large, can benefit greatly from renting.”

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