Mayflower Enjoying Smooth Sailing Operations With The Rentwise Rental Model

Where A Halt In Real Time Transactions Due To Failing IT Systems Often Mean Significant Losses To A Company, Smart Choices For IT Systems Can On The Other Hand Ensure Smooth Sailing Operations.

For most companies, computers are crucial. They are key enablers to conduct business and failing computers would result in a substantial loss of customer confidence and revenues. Two of Warisan TC Holding’s subsidiaries, Mayflower and TCIM have embarked on new ways of going about their business, following a new but already proven mantra of “renting what depreciates is better than owning what depreciates”. 

Alvin Lee gives us the lowdown on the positive mechanics of Rentwise’s IT Rental Model.

Some Ask For One Good Reason. Warisan TC Holdings’ Alvin Lee Has Found Several

Alvin Lee, Senior Manager of Information Systems Division of Warisan TC Holdings Mayflower“There are many good reasons why we are renting IT equipment, not just one. The most obvious is cost savings, but there are more”, Alvin Lee, Senior Manager of Information Systems Division of Warisan TC Holdings explains. Cost savings is realised through reduced investments on the equipment needed.

As Lee explains, the PCs needed in Mayflower and TCIM don’t need to be the latest and greatest. Most staffs work mainly via online platforms and the speed is dictated by the internet connection, not processor speed. Also, PCs and laptops need to perform only a limited amount of functions, hence, refurbished PCs would offer a perfect fit. They look and perform as good as new, but the investment and expense treatment are friendlier to the balance sheet.

Uniformity And Ease Of Use

Mayflower has 14 branches across Malaysia. PCs supplied by Rentwise are business class models that come with the necessary configurations to meet Mayflower’s requirements.  A significant time savings of about 30 minutes per PC can be expected and achieved when a PC needs to be replaced.

“Rentwise has in-depth knowledge about our business and requirements. They have the right configurations stored on master hard disks and when we need to add or replace any PCs, they simply copy the package needed and the PC is ready to be deployed.” Lee explains.

As such, this reduces our daily fire-fighting activities, allowing technical staffs to focus on high priority IT initiatives that support our core business. The Rentwise solution addresses the needs of these users perfectly. Constant usability of equipment is not compromised because long downtime in case of a malfunction can now be easily avoided.

In Capital-Intensive Businesses, Renting IT Eases The Cash Flow

Alvin Lee, Senior Manager of Information Systems Division of Warisan TC Holdings MayflowerAccording to Lee, the Finance Department has come to love the rental model of Rentwise. While it took quite some time to convince the Management to try something new, the true value and benefits of renting IT equipment surfaced almost immediately.

Mayflower is in the car rental business which requires a lot of capital. Renting IT equipment of some 200 PCs, eases the burden on cash flow as expenses are flattened out and distributed over a longer period of time.

This positive impact allows Finance Managers to allocate the funds better toward investing in new vehicles, which are really generating the revenue. Depreciation is no longer an issue as the PCs used are not making their way into the balance sheet.

Cleaner PCs Thanks To Specialised Data Sanitisation Service

Another welcoming benefit and unique selling point of the rental agreement is the professional data sanitisation service at the end of the life cycle of the rented PCs. “Imagine, you have lots of customer’s records on the hard disk. You cannot simply dispose off the machines; they need to be treated properly and we do have stringent standards for that” says Lee.

Here, Rentwise is again able to help Lee with his task of running a secure and efficient operation. Using the data sanitisation service of Rentwise, hard disks are wiped off of any sensitive data before they are disposed. Warisan TC Holdings saves time again as this time consuming procedure is no longer performed by internal staff, thus freeing them to attend to other issues in the business.

“Remember, there are thousands of records on each PC and we have to make absolutely sure that everything is wiped off, hence a secure data wiping process gives us peace of mind”, Lee said.

The List Of Add-Ons Continues For Warisan TC Holdings’ Mayflower Subsidiary

In addition to the above advantages, Warisan TC Holdings also benefits from a number of smart add-ons provided by Rentwise. There is for instance a specialised insurance coverage as part of the rental agreement. Although fortunately, the company does not have to make use of it yet, Lee is happy to have it. The insurance coverage comes with the package that his company has signed up for.

Hot Swap PCs is another item on the long list of benefits that ensure the stability of client’s operation. Should a PC fail, a ready unit is on stand-by, deployable at a minutes’ notice and ready to go immediately.

Lee’s colleagues in the Finance Department found another advantage that saves time and money; since the machines are not their assests, they do not need to keep track of the whereabouts, age and status of repair if any. At the end of the year, the PCs do not need to be counted during stock-take, further reducing the time spent on unproductive IT-related issues.

In summary, Lee is happy to see his team working more efficiently and effectively. Ultimately, his team can stay leaner as the burden of many tasks has been outsourced. Attention can be given to other, more crucial tasks, such as ensuring servers are running without any trouble. Through his utilisation of the PC-rental model, Lee has also created a case study and currently, other subsidiaries are following his lead by evaluating the possible implementation of this model in their departments as well.

IT And Travel, A Perfect Combination

Combining both passion and profession, Alvin Lee has found the perfect fit. Bangkok is his favorite destination, but Europe is also on the long list of places yet to be visited.

“The beauty is that I could book my own travel at any time, thanks to a network that is always up and running, and thanks to our new rental service model”, he concludes with a smile.

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