Trusting Green IT Rental to Spearhead Honda Global Amity’s Growth

Big benefits for small businesses

Green IT Solution Helps Optimize Daily Operations of a Car Dealership

Malaysia is a driving country. A car is seen as a must have item, being the only way one can get around conveniently. They are also status symbols. Due to economic growth, rapid urban development, population growth and inadequate public transport, private vehicle ownership has been on the rise in Malaysia. With 93% of Malaysians owning a car and 28.2 million vehicles currently registered in Malaysia, this is an industry that sees perpetual growth.

That’s why a business focused on selling cars will need to stay on its toes in every respect to stay competitive. Every department, every function must work together like cogs in a well-oiled machine to avoid wastage, optimizing performance and profit.

Yet imagine being one of only 2 IT staff supporting a company of 300 staff who rely on their IT infrastructure to support them every single day. That is the position Muhammad Faiq Bin Na’Aman found himself in when he took on the role of IT Executive in Honda Global Amity, a leading authorized Honda dealer providing sales, services and spare parts for Honda cars. Honda is the 2nd most popular car brand in Malaysia, with only Perodua enjoying greater popularity.

Faiq tells us that a reliable, competent, and knowledgeable IT services provider goes a long way to make his job a joy to do.

Helping surmount challenges

With a two-man IT department handling operations at two separate locations in Bangi and Nilai, it is no small task to trouble-shoot IT issues.

“We use our equipment from 7 am to 7 pm daily. It needs to be up and running with minimal downtime. For us, IT is a support function, it is not profit generating. But downtime can definitely affect our bottom line,” says Faiq.

An external service provider had to be cost-effective and reliable, with an efficient and sustainable strategy to providing a robust IT infrastructure that ticked all the boxes.

“Before engaging with Rentwise, I had to do everything – source for the best quotation on hardware at various location to find my parts. When we were hit by malware, it took us almost 7 days to recover the server! Now with Rentwise, they respond almost immediately with just an email. They can troubleshoot remotely or onsite within 1-3 days.”

Rentwise: A Green IT solution partner

Currently Honda Global Amity is powered by 30 PCs at the Bangi HQ with another 22 PCs and 2 Quanta servers at Nilai branch.

Faiq cannot be happier with the arrangements. He tells us that Rentwise takes care of everything from setup to disposal of end-of-lease or unusable units. Coupled with a responsive support team that helps Faiq resolve issues promptly as well as capable asset management from their account manager, Honda Global Amity is so far enjoying a smoother, faster and more efficient IT architecture.

Hyperconvergence as the way forward

Hyperconvergence offers total solutions, something that is very attractive to Faiq, who manages a small IT department. Not only are there an array of benefits, like optimizing the storage nodes, agility of workload migration, scalability, data protection and cost efficiency; engaging a Quanta Server means engaging support from a competent team of personnel as well.

Gone are the days of managing everything alone.

Also greener and more powerful, these servers allow owners to upgrade computing performance without overextending power consumption.

“The automobile industry is always growing. Operations and manpower need to scale to meet the demand. The architecture we have with Rentwise at the moment is very robust, easily upgraded and is expected to maintain relevant for up to 7 years of longevity, which is longer than most,” Faiq elaborates.

Renting is better than owning

As for the issue of renting versus owning, Faiq is fully in support of renting.

“Lets talk about just the endpoints: Rentwise supplies the desktops with selected application software, licensing, support and tracking. Owning means, I have to source, purchase and manage all these components separately. I save about half the cost with renting.”

The price was more suitable for long term, and a fixed monthly fee means that it’s easier to set a yearly budget.

He also lauds Rentwise’s green IT lifecycle model wherein obsolete and end-of-lease items are taken back to be remanufactured or recycled. More importantly, a selection of this equipment is channeled on to equip computer labs of schools in need as part of Rentwise’s corporate social responsibility program.

“There is less wastage, and we don’t have to allocate storage space to keep old parts,” he concludes.

What’s in store for the future?

Faiq is confident that Rentwise is the best choice for Honda Global Amity’s IT future.

“In 2019 or 2020, we will move to a new office in Nilai Impian, which will be double the size of our Bangi HQ. I’m confident that Rentwise will be able to support us in enabling the expansion efforts of our IT infrastructure. They help our organization to excel which certainly helps everything else excel. Everything is easier with Rentwise, so I would definitely recommend them to any organization, large or small,” Faiq says confidently.

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