managed IT asset disposal malaysia & data wiping service malaysia
If you’re in need of a good IT infrastructure disposition service that is secure and provides you with maximum value recovery, then say hello to Retrivium. Without proper management of IT infrastructure refresh projects, activities can be cumbersome and costly, generating more e-waste than necessary – an issue that many organisations are not aware of. Retired IT equipment can actually be given a new life – remanufactured and repurposed to a new customer segment.
When it comes to secure IT asset disposal, the safe erasure of our customers’ data is of paramount importance. Rentwise has the expertise in data wiping services that conforms to international standards. Meanwhile, Retrivium provides managed IT asset disposal and value recovery services to complete the lifecycle. Retrivium takes on a methodical approach to effectively decommission and recover IT equipment. Well-managed IT infrastructure retirement projects have tremendously benefitted other organisations. Schools are an example, where remanufactured computers can be re-deployed to school computer labs. Not only do we give the future generation a better chance with better education facilities, it is also a comprehensive solution that delivers a green approach.
And it gets better – any IT asset beyond economic use is disposed in accordance with the Malaysian Department of Environment’s strict, certified processes. Raw materials are put back into the industry, which greatly reduces intensive carbon generating activities that contribute to pollution and global warming.