Green IT Lifecycle Management

We support our clients in their entire IT asset lifecycle management, freeing them up from non-core tasks thereby allowing them to focus on value-creation activities for their business.

It is worth noting that few, if any, service providers cater to the retirement phase of any solution planned and deployed. As a truly committed end-to-end Green IT infrastructure partner, we ensure that the often-overlooked “refreshing phase” is well taken care of.

It is only logical that any business operation goes through a cycle of deployment, maintenance and then upgrades; and we work to make this seamless and hassle free with minimal disruptions to your business.

We also ensure a decent fair market value is obtained for your retired equipment whether self-owned or leased. Most importantly, data security is preserved by ensuring non-recoverability of your sensitive data through a data wiping service as certified by Blancco™ (used by US Department of Defence).