Secured Solutions

At Rentwise, we understand that you need robust solutions that work to protect your business. That’s why we provide comprehensive, end-to-end green IT infrastructure solutions that are not just environmental-friendly, but secure, so that your data remains safe, and your business operations uninterrupted.

To serve your needs better, highly rated technology principals have partnered with us to offer endpoint security solutions; namely Bitdefender, Kaseya, and Daytapol.  Following this, all our rental computers and laptops can be bundled with innovative and centralised data protection software and network security, offering a hassle-free and peace of mind solution for our customers.

WatchGuard’s Total Security Suite guards your servers and networks while Bitdefender, Kaseya, and Daytapol protect your end-points. As an end-to-end green IT solution partner, Rentwise recognizes the importance of providing a secured green IT infrastructure that spans the depth and breadth of a business operation. This is achieved at the forefront with Bitdefender, Kaseya, and Daytapol protecting the end client from any immediate threats and helps in data restoration respectively, while WatchGuard scans the back-end by monitoring the broadband traffic exchanges in the data centre via its ATP and APT technologies. We believe this comprehensive configuration stands as a potent combination to combat most threats a business faces.

Essentially, we are not just providing a cost-effective solution through our remanufactured IT equipment and remanufactured computers; we take great care in ensuring your green IT infrastructure is spared from any potential downtime.

We welcome any potential collaborative partnerships with principals of various brands of security solutions to enable us to offer a more holistic and value-added leasing model.

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