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Do these IT Management Issues sound familiar?

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Who Are We?

Rentwise is a Independent Lessor for IT equipment offering unique IT Equipment Rental & Leasing Solutions with offices in Malaysia and Singapore.

What Do We Do?

We help clients implement an adequate and efficient IT infrastructure and in addition we support and maintain it. Our solution is comprehensive encompassing End Client Computing, Servers, Network Products and more.

Why Rent From Us?

We prefer to let our clients share their experience.

What Makes Us Different?

Making a decision to work with an experienced, distinguished, reliable and most importantly, proven IT Rental company is never easy. There are many factors at play in helping guide one’s choice towards a successful and effective implementation of an IT Rental solution.

Find out more about our unique offerings and rediscover a whole new way of enjoying a positive financial impact through our IT rental solution.

Unique Selling Proposition

Own That Which Appreciates, Rent That Which Depreciates


Wataru Kambe, IT Director of Proto Malaysia

“Decent rental rates, coupled with a convenient and fast turn-around support service, is the main factor of Rentwise’s IT rental solution appeal,” says Wataru. “Rentwise’s bundled insurance coverage gives us much-needed peace of mind,” Wataru says.


Composite Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) Group MIS Head, En. Safiudin

“By working with Rentwise, we have greatly reduced our CAPEX. This rental model is friendlier to us as we can now factor the variable cost of renting over a certain duration. We don’t feel the pinch of an immediate upfront cost,” Safiudin says.


Mr. Shaun Lee Chee Chuan, IT Manager of TCIM

“As a client, we can trust Rentwise’s solid years of expertise to manage the lifecycle of hardware and software assets through the various stages from procurement, deployment, maintenance and upgrades to asset retirement,” Shaun says.


Head of IT Rosdan Mohamed Rashid at HICOM Diecastings Sdn Bhd

“Hassle free and easy service are just two of the benefits we enjoy,” Rosdan says. “My down-time has been reduced to virtually zero. What is more important is that we don’t have to do the trouble-shooting anymore,” Rosdan elaborates.