Social Sustainability

Humanising our
Circular Solution

As a registered social enterprise, we take pride in our first and only collaborative CSR program in Malaysia involving the recovery of retired computers which are remanufactured and then donated to improve the learning needs of our youth and future leaders.
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Ensuring Quality Education starting with Digital Learning

We're on a mission to provide underprivileged students with access to digital education by donating remanufactured computers to schools. For more than a decade, we've made a significant impact by helping more than 32,000 school children in over 100 public and semi-government schools and NGOs.

We understand that not all schools have the financial resources to equip their computer labs with computers, and that's where we help play our part. Schools are welcome to contact us if they are in need of computers. We will perform the necessary assessment and work with our corporate sponsors to donate remanufactured computers to your school if the qualification criteria are met.

Join us in our effort to reduce electronic waste in landfills and create a better world where every child has access to the tools they need to succeed.

How to compare our Remanufactured Computers with other remanufactured products from mom-and-pop stores?