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Circularity is the key to a better tomorrow,
start by preserving our environment today.
In this challenging and uncertain economic climate, being resilient and competitive is key to business continuity and sustainability. To help you reduce cost and overspend, we rent and sell new and remanufactured business-grade computers on warranty programs of up to 5 years.

When you're ready to retire and refresh your IT equipment, speak to us on IT Asset Disposition Solutions. We are able to recover value for you by repurposing your IT assets.

Rentwise is a provider of New and Remanufactured IT equipment licensed by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA).
Our Vision

Our Vision

We envision a future where the market widely embraces the use of remanufactured IT equipment, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly world.
Our Mission

Our Mission

Creating returns through service excellence and product innovation practicing integrity, reliability and responsibility towards our stakeholders and the environment.
Our current business model revolves around three main pillars:
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Explore our IT equipment rental under a Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) model – a fixed monthly subscription programme that comes with warranty and maintenance services. This monthly subscription service is powered by our remanufactured computers, which helps facilitate better budget planning and cash flow management.

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If you have short term IT equipment requirements (one year or less) and are looking for the most cost effective solution, you can opt to purchase retired corporate IT equipment. All IT equipment will be refurbished – tested for full functionality and cleaned but will display minor wear and tear conditions.

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When phasing out retired IT equipment, it’s important to manage data security and asset disposition carefully. This service makes sure your data is safely erased before the equipment is either repurposed for value or disposed responsibly after its useful life.

Recognizing the need to remain ever competitive, we continuously invest in our core competencies below:

Our in-house research & development, remanufacturing and quality assurance capabilites
Our in-house customer servicing capabilites is supported by big data analytics
Strong market branding recognized by blue-chip customers

Experienced supply-chain management to ensure cost-competitiveness

Strong residual asset recovery capability

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Our Milestones



Rentwise opened its doors on August 15, 2001 with 6 personnel involved in Sales and Operations. At the start, the team’s focus was on Asset Recovery, Refurbishment and Resale of retired corporate PCs.


IT Rental

With corporate customers expressing interest in refurbished PCs for non-critical operations and the desire to rent rather than purchase PCs outright, the rental division was established. Initial customers were large education providers and over the next few years, customers in the manufacturing, property development and services sectors began renting PCs.

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With its cash flow benefits and the removal of obsolescence risks, Rental became a predominant way for corporates to replace aging IT technology apart from just PCs. With a large base of assets under management, the Business Technology Services division was set-up to provide IT Consultancy services to customers looking at more than just PC rental and this division continues to aggregate the best IT infrastructure management solutions from security to storage and back up, to traceability of IT assets.


Comprehensive Offering

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) was becoming a challenging task for IT departments whose role included the management of data when retiring end of use assets. The ITAD team was formed to help customers not only manage data sanitation but recover better value through repurposing when retiring IT fleets (as oppose to recycling).


Capability Enhancement

The Business Technology Service division expanded the solutions portfolio to include a wider solution range of AV Security Solutions, Corporate Productivity Tools, End Point Backup, and Cloud Solutions.


Licensed Remanufacturer

Rentwise obtains a Remanufacturer status certification with Lifecycle Assessment studies carried out by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).


Primed for More Growth

Rentwise joined MDEC’s GAIN programme which works to fuel high potential Malaysian companies to move into the global stage.

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Participant of UNGC initiatives

Rentwise launched its Carbon Neutral initiative for PCs and became a participant of the initiatives of the United Nations Global Compact. This was also the year Rentwise won the Asia Responsible Area Award and received an APICTA Merit Award.


1st Carbon Neutral in Malaysia

Malaysia’s first Carbon Neutral PC was launched. The 20th year in business was the year Rentwise won the WITSA Global ICT Excellence Award for Sustainable Growth/Circular Economy. Representing more than 90% of the global tech market, WITSA is the leading consortium of tech association members from over 80 countries/economies.