Find The Trouble, Shoot It!

Vimalan on "Find the trouble, shoot it!"When I’m always this close to fiddling with computers and IT equipment, it’s easy to lose track of time. It’s indeed surprising to learn that just a little more than 2 years have passed since I started working at Rentwise. It’s been an interesting journey thus far, since  starting out as a Technician assigned to the Production Department.

Back then, I had to conduct the auditing process for desktops, monitors and notebooks. Basically, what this entails is to cross check these equipment against a specification check list to ensure no physical damage or imperfections are registered on them. In addition to that, I was responsible for Order Processing, which includes handling new shipments and end of lease auditing (EOL).

As a bonus that came with the job, I was trained well to repair notebooks. So, it came as a pleasant surprise to be promoted earlier this year to being a Repair Assistant, assigned to the Repair Department. In my current capacity, I  assist in notebook, desktop and monitor repair work. In addition, I  audit the Return Material Authorisation (RMA) returns, which sees the repair of faulty or defective equipment returned by customers.

Some repair works are pretty straight forward; i.e. a replacement of an entire offending circuit board or motherboard) while others require a little cat-and-mouse dog fight if you will. Just as with programming, bug-finding or troubleshooting sometimes take a huge chunk of our time. However, with experience, thankfully, we are very much on top of our game.

Of course, it gets very frustrating to not be able to fix the problem, let alone identify it. It is these challenges and uncertainties of what a new day brings that keeps us on our toes, alert, and wanting more. In the process, we’re groomed to be more patient and critical in our thinking. In other words, the very nature of our job of “restoring” machines ensures we grow to better individuals for the company, and most of all, for ourselves.

Vimalan on "Find the trouble, shoot it!"Attention to detail in our line of work is important. Before we even get  down to repairing equipment, we have to ensure all the paper work is  done well. We have to make correct requests for the relevant parts required for the job. Any oversight would result in delays, thus potentially impacting our customer’s business negatively. This is what we strive to avoid every day.

While we may be dealing with machines, I’d love to think they’re humans too! As such, they have feelings just like us. Hence, friction does occur when we can’t seem to understand what’s causing the mood swings or ailment (read: faulty). I guess, it’s important to sometimes pause, take a step back and review what we could have missed. To de-stress at times like this, I try to hum to myself or listen to classical music to “format” myself.

I’ve encountered many complications in my job. Just as with any profession out there, repair is no easy task. There are times when an urgent request for a repair from RMA is required, I’ll already have my hands tied with other repair jobs. Before I know it, I’ll be inundated with loads of pending repair work.

It’s very important to get the repair work done right the first time. Had we overlooked any matters, the mistake would cost us much time lost (i.e. removing the casing and unplugging everything for not 5 but say 50 machines!). Such situations would call for a meeting with my supervisor to plan out our detailed course of action. A great solution to such a scenario would be team work and prioritization. We just need to keep our heads together.

Vimalan on "Find the trouble, shoot it!"Speaking about team work, those two magical words have gotten us out of dire situations many times. Once, we were rushing to prepare over 70 Dell E4300 units for an order. We faced many challenges but thankfully, we managed to refurbished all those units faster than expected. Team work speaks volume.

Creativity is commonly associated with smearing acrylic paint on a large canvas . However, our job entails a certain level of creativity as well. Even an ice kacang seller can get creative with M&Ms rather than the usual condiments! To stay creative, I have to stay motivated. To do that, I begin my day in the right state of mind. An uncluttered comfortable working space is key.

Apart from playing PC games and singing as my hobbies, watching and playing football tops the list as the most favourite of my past times.

I truly enjoy my job, and I believe my rate of growth is dependent on how much I’m willing to push myself. As a fast learner, I’m confident the opportunities ahead are endless, for both Rentwise and myself.