Revenue Valley Enjoys Cost Efficiencies With Rentwise’s IT Rental Solution

IT Equipment Renting, Conserves Cash And Improves Support Capabilities, All Of Which Enhances Revenue Valley’s Operational Capability And Brings About Cost Efficiency

IT infrastructure plays a significant role in any Food & Beverage (F & B) outlet’s day-to-day operations. From taking and tracking of orders to managing the billing system, F&B operators cannot afford to experience operational downtime. For one F&B operator, Revenue Valley, renting their IT infrastructure from Rentwise has proven fruitful in various ways.

Christopher Lee, IT Manager of Revenue Valley shares how the company’s F&B outlets benefited from Rentwise’s IT Rental Solution in their daily operations.

A Growing Business

Revenue Valley MIS Manager Christopher LeeThe Manhattan Fish Market, Tony Roma’s and Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen are one of the darlings of the food and beverage (F & B) industry that have grown from strength to strength and are now major players in the fast-paced and highly competitive F & B business in Malaysia.

Revenue Valley’s combination of home-grown, international chain restaurants and franchise operations has expanded to include 40 restaurants spanning Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Oman; backed by a staff of over 900.

In Malaysia itself, Revenue Valley owns and runs 20 Manhattan Fish Market, 6 Tony Roma’s  and 3 Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen outlets across the country, all which have been well-received by the locals as evidenced by the  growing popularity and how quickly these brands have  made a name for themselves  in the F & B industry.

Established in 2002 by George Ang and Dickson Low and headquartered in Petaling Jaya, Revenue Valley oversees the operations of all three brand outlets. To meet the IT needs of these outlets, Revenue Valley works closely with Rentwise both from an equipment and technical support perspective.

As one of the most progressive F & B companies in the country, the group recognises the importance of having reliable IT equipment that not only speeds up but enhances the company’s operational system and naturally with that comes business efficiency.

Renting Improves Cash Conservation

Revenue Valley MIS Manager Christopher LeeAccording to Christopher Lee,  when the company was first established, the massive costs involved in securing brand new IT equipment was not practical as the company was still relatively small. There was also the problem of unnecessary costs incurred when disposing off IT equipment that had become obsolete in a very short time.

Rentwise was able to offer Revenue Valley a solution that met their financial needs and   helped a rapidly growing company structure their IT expenditure in a way that ensured better cash utilization. Lee explains, “When you need your cash for growth, rental is the best option.”

By choosing to rent instead of purchasing equipment, Revenue Valley was also free from the burden of ownership and hidden costs associated with ownership – such as repair and maintenance. Insurance was provided as part of the rental solution as well. This allowed the company to concentrate their efforts and cash resources on critical investments and growth aspects of the business. The option to rent also proved attractive as obsolete equipment was disposed of by Rentwise resulting in better management and utilisation of resources.

Rentwise Is Quick-To-Act And Provides Efficient Support

Lee, who took over Revenue Valley’s IT department about a year ago says that Rentwise’s responsiveness and fast turn-around in terms of support is crucial in helping the management overcome any negative consequences resulting from  IT equipment downtime. This keeps productivity and performance constant.

Revenue Valley MIS Manager Christopher Lee“Whenever we have an issue from a user or a hardware problem, all we need to do is call and lodge our report to Rentwise,” says Lee.

While some bigger companies are considering switching to the ease of support (outsourcing) provided by IT equipment service providers, Revenue Valley is content to continue its rental agreement with Rentwise as the company’s attention and concern towards understanding its client’s needs as well as its efficiency in solving clients’ IT equipment  challenges  are commendable.

Lee reveals that all of the group’s outlets in Malaysia currently engage Rentwise’s service due to the unsurpassed personal touch provided by Rentwise. Rentwise’s efforts to visit their clients frequently to understand their IT infrastructure requirements better is evidence of the company’s commitment towards providing clients with the best option and solutions available that can be customised to a client’s  particular needs.

“The sales personnel are not only friendly but are also attentive and well-equipped with in-depth knowledge on our company’s IT requirements and needs. We provide Rentwise with the specifications that we need based around the job levels of our employees and they will make sure that all the requirements are captured before proposals are provided to us.”

Furthermore, Rentwise is able to accommodate Revenue Valley’s biggest challenge – the geographical locations of the company’s various outlets – by offering a better way to manage outlet support.

“So, instead of us running to our outlets whenever any equipment malfunctions, we can leverage on Rentwise’s resources and team to support our outlets. This allows us to manage our time more effectively,” says Lee.

Ease Of Management

Revenue Valley MIS Manager Christopher LeeRentwise’s rental agreement comes in three different contract term options – one, two or three years with differing prices to suit a company’s needs.

Lee says one feature that appeals most to him is Rentwise’s flexibility. He says that their flexibility and willingness to work together to resolve issues proves the company’s commitment to its client and how Rentwise values their working relationship.

One of Revenue Valley’s earlier challenges was with the rental agreement paperwork. “As deployment was staggered out over time, we had three different sets of contracts each with different expiry dates. We found it difficult to keep track of and manage the different expiry dates. So, we shared with Rentwise our concerns and they were agreeable to have co-terminus end dates. The flexibility that Rentwise offers helps in improving the way we manage Refreshes or equipment.

Insurance Coverage And Yearly Preventive Maintenance Are An Added Bonus

Revenue Valley has also benefited from Rentwise’s tailored insurance coverage. Lee says, “It is definitely good for the equipment to come with insurance coverage because quite often, equipment can get stolen or lost.” Lee is also satisfied with the value-added services that Rentwise offers such as yearly preventive maintenance for the rented equipment which is an added bonus for the company.

While Rentwise provides all the right tools – new and remanufactured pre-owned equipment combos for its clients’ customised IT infrastructure needs – Lee sees room for more collaboration between both parties.

Doing Business The Green Way

Revenue Valley considers itself a new customer in the IT Rental Solution market, having started using Rentwise’s service only two years ago. But Lee concludes that one small and relatively important advantage of renting is that it helps to reduce a company’s carbon footprint to save and preserve the environment.

Rentwise’s “Green IT” practice is committed towards caring for the environment by encouraging the reduction of carbon emission. Lee says that by utilising Rentwise’s rental solution, his company can play a role in supporting a greener future for the children of tomorrow.

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