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Pertubuhan Kebajikan Cahaya Hidup is the brainchild of Pastor Subra. Situated on the 1st and 2nd Floor of a shop house in Taman Bendehara, Kuala Selangor, Pastor Subra has been operating this “tuition centre” since 2010 for about 70 under-privileged school children ranging from Std. 1 to Form 5. Also included are non-school going children –those pending receipts of their ICs. Coming from the surrounding rubber estates, many children are from the bottom B-40 group. Free tuition classes are carried out 3 times a week by volunteer teachers. Their vision is to ensure that these children are given equal opportunity to be educated despite of their circumstances and to equip them with a base to improve their lives. The centre even organises a free pick-up of the children from their homes due to the lack of public transport as well as for security reasons.

The centre which is supported by the public generosity also comes to the aid of the marginalised and poor families regardless of their ethnicity in the surrounding areas through food such as rice, canned foods etc and clothes donations. These funds are also obtained through the help of well wishes and public donations. For the past 15 years, it has been a yearly affair, where every school going child, not only from the centre but also from the surrounding area, receives 1 set of school uniform.

Been a strong advocate in education, Rentwise in another collaboration with Sunway Education Group, came forward to donate 5 desktop sets to fulfil the needs of these children. This opportunity to be IT literate empowers the children and open doors to a better way of life.

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