Rentwise is proud to be appointed as the official IT partner of #MyDigitalMaker Fair 2022 Central Region Chapter organized by Aerocentric Events. The event was held at Quill City Mall, KL from 10 – 13 Nov 2022 at 10 AM – 5 PM. As the official IT partner, the event was powered by Rentwise’s 20 refurbished laptops and 4 refurbished desktops used for a variety of purposes such as registration and other administrative tasks.The #MyDigitalMaker Fair 2022 event was attended by more than 2,000 participants from all over Malaysia including virtual visitors who participated in the various online workshops that were conducted. Rentwise has taken this opportunity to also feature Malaysia’s first and only remanufactured desktops and laptops at the exhibitor’s area on Level 6, as part of Rentwise’s advocacy for sustainable computing to uphold the virtues of circular economy.The key objective of this family-friendly fair is to launch a movement that will encourage a shift from being consumers of the digital economy to becoming creators amongst the younger generation. The success of this digital maker movement is made possible through a blend of various hands-on experiential learning and workshops designed for students, educators and families.Recognising the importance of having exposure to digital learning skills among the younger generation, Rentwise hopes to help raise awareness on the responsible use of circular IT products as a means to reduce one’s carbon footprint. The latest and the greatest in tech is often not necessary when it comes to their use in education. As such, the democratized use of repurposed computers in the form of either refurbished or remanufactured desktops and laptops represents a potent solution that is instrumental to fighting climate change.Rentwise hopes that the #MyDigitalMaker Fair serves as a conducive platform for young people to become more passionate about the digital economy as creators rather than users, in hopes of fostering the development of new tools, ideas and content. More importantly, one should be mindful of the need to achieve excellence in the field of information and communications technology via the use of remanufactured computer devices for a sustainable future.Recognising education as a fundamental human right and the importance of digital learning capabilities, Rentwise constantly seeks to establish collaborative partnerships with corporate organisations who are looking at responsible ways to dispose of their IT equipment when they retire old computers. Please do get in touch with us to discover a whole new way of saving the environment and empowering our future leaders at the same time, all by just a single simple act of kindness.

It was truly an exciting experience to participate in Lead Women’s Equality at Work Virtual Convention held from 25-27 October 2022. The virtual 3-day event featured a lineup of activities aimed at fostering sustainable, measurable and actionable initiatives for better workplaces. Rentwise participated as an exhibitor at one of the allotted virtual booths setup during this event.As a women-led organization with 60% of the senior management being women and more than half of all departments have at least 50% representation of women, Rentwise recognizes the need to having a healthy and productive workplace that values equality and mutual respect. This practical and progressive strategy is important to grow sustainably in today’s unique business and climate challenges.As an accredited Green IT infrastructure service provider and Malaysia’s first and only IT equipment remanufacturer, the IT industry and STEM-based profession are often associated with the male gender. With a robust workforce in the assembly line where remanufactured computers are processed, Rentwise seeks to ensure that women technicians make up a certain percentage of the production team.The world events are unfolding at an ever faster pace, largely due in part to rapidly deteriorating weather patterns and global warming. Circular economy represents one of the key solutions to combating climate change. Rentwise’s circular business model and its IT rental service of remanufactured desktops and laptops would certainly be uniquely poised to grow with the increased involvement of women in its workforce.As such, Rentwise will continue to nurture the opportunities and equalities that a diverse and gender-inclusive workplace offers, and recognize these as potent competitive advantage in our fight against climate change. These benefits are all encompassing throughout our organizational functions, whether be they at manufacturing, finance, customer service, sales or marketing departments. On this note, Rentwise looks forward to a fruitful and impactful partnership with Lead Women.Women plays a crucial role in fighting climate change. The involvement of women in the management of natural resources is often associated with improved governance and positive conservation outcomes as reported by UN Women. Realising this, Rentwise advocates a gender balance approach in its organizational development framework. As an equal opportunity employer and a women-led organization, we observe diversity and inclusion for a fairer and sustainable future.

Rentwise participated in its first IGEM 2022 event at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre which attracted almost 30,000 registered visitors from over 30 countries. As an exhibitor hosted under the Alliance Bank pavilion, Rentwise was the only Green IT organization amongst big names locally and globally featuring its first and only carbon neutral remanufactured computer.Throughout the course of 3 days, we engaged with numerous visitors who showed deep interests in our circular products. The awareness level on green tech and recognition of its potential to be financially sustainable in the long run was evidently felt in our conversation with booth visitors. This certainly was a good sign that motivated us.A large number of visitors who dropped by our booth demonstrated an eager interest to discover how Rentwise’s unique rental solution of remanufactured desktops and laptops can help their businesses save money and enhance their ESG profile. With the imminent and inevitable introduction of carbon tax in Malaysia, it’s only a matter of time before such hidden costs come knocking at our doors.IT is central to any organization and key to driving a profitable and sustainable operation especially in current challenging business landscape. As such, Rentwise’s “device-as-a-service” circular approach to leasing computers for use by businesses represents the silver bullet every Malaysian company should consider especially in an uncertain year 2023 and beyond.Climate change and the looming economic recession are real and present threats that all organisations face. As businesses deal with tapering revenue and rising costs, they inevitably turn to technology as the panacea for all of their operation challenges. Therefore, it was truly a great opportunity to be engaging these topics during this international event with various customers and partners from various industries bringing with them unique and diverse insights.We will certainly be looking forward to next year’s IGEM event as it appears there are more emphasis being placed on the importance of circular economy in driving sustainability. Rentwise would be uniquely positioned to service this growing demand for sustainable solution in computing via its rental service for remanufactured desktops and laptops.Rentwise is the leading green IT company in the Circular Economy space focused on delivering quality remanufactured desktops and laptops on an IT leasing structure. This sustainable computing solution helps save money, reduce carbon footprint and drives companies’ vision to achieve their ESG goals. Our circular computers’ utility are kept at the highest functional performance for the longest period of time, thereby extending the lifespan of IT equipment before they are responsibly disposed and recycled.

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It’s been 8 years since Rentwise last organised a warehouse sale in Malaysia. So it is certainly with much excitement that the much anticipated and highly-rated Rentwise Green IT Warehouse Sale of refurbished, branded and business-grade computers is finally here.

The event was held over 3 days from 24 – 26 June 2022 from 10 AM to 5 PM. The highly fickle weather conditions over the 3 days wavering between rain and shine did not deter the crowd of bargain hunters from turning up to check out the amazing deals on display.

Monitors were going for as low as RM 65 per unit! It was simply awesome. 0% easy payment plan was also made available. Apart from the usual array of various branded, refurbished and business-grade laptops, desktops and all-in-ones on fire sale, there were lucky draws, auctions and sustainable free gifts to be given away as well.

Our sponsors included Secret Recipe whose composted food waste was a big hit amongst customers. Every purchase of computers were accompanied by bags of compost. As Rentwise’s refurbished, branded and business-grade computer is a low carbon solution aimed to reduce the user’s carbon footprint, compost on the other hand helps to store carbon. Together, they help contribute towards sustainability.

Bitdefender Malaysia sponsored 50 copies of Bitdefender Internet Security Software (1 Year 1 Device) each worth RM 39 that were included as part of our lineup of lucky draw items. Comodo Cybersecurity also joined in the celebratory lucky draw mood with their sleek and highly functional sling bags.

The refurbished IT equipment warranty offered ranges between 6 months to a year (not including batteries) with optional upgrades possible upon request (e.g. RAM or hard disk upgrades). As these computers on sale are refurbished, there were noticeable traces of blemishes and cosmetic imperfections that certainly will not affect performance. A number of these refurbished computers on sale even looked just as good as new to the untrained eye! At a glance, they look perfectly normal, except for an almost microscopic scratch here and there. More importantly, they function just as well.

A check with some of the customers revealed that they were buying these refurbished computers for use in their own small businesses. Such organisations are usually powered by a small user base of between 5 to 20 people. Others came to grab a monitor or two as extended visual aid for personal home use; either in gaming or for watching movie. There were even parents who came buying these refurbished business-grade laptops for their children’s digital learning!

It’s truly motivating to see our customers leaving with a climate-friendly solution at hand as every little counts no matter how small or insignificant the action is. This positive impact is especially amplified amongst children using these green technology at such a young age, for they will have a good head start in learning the values of Circular Economy for a sustainable tomorrow.

Let’s come together in our fight against climate change by subscribing to a Circular Economy way of responsible consumption as we strive to protect the environment and lower our carbon footprint with Rentwise’s refurbished or remanufactured computers.

We do not need the latest and the greatest in IT equipment. We need what’s best for the environment in our endeavour to ensure Sustainable Computing for a Sustainable Planet.

We hope to see you all in our next Warehouse Sale. Stay tuned!

For more information about Rentwise’s refurbished and/or remanufactured computers for sale and/or rental, please do get in touch with our sales team. As a leading and accredited Green IT Infrastructure Service Provider with the first carbon neutral computer in Malaysia (winner of the Global ICT Excellence Awards 2021 and Malaysia Book of Records), Rentwise does more than just selling refurbished computers. Rentwise’s comprehensive low carbon IT solution helps companies save money, lowers their total cost of IT ownership and helps companies improve their ESG profile.

Reman Day 2022 Webinar Panellists

In celebration of Reman Day 2022, Rentwise Sdn Bhd hosted an event on 14th April, 2022 as part of an effort to educate people about the value of IT equipment remanufacturing. On this meaningful occasion, Rentwise invited everyone to reflect on Remanufacturing as one of the important drivers of a circular economy for sustainable development.

A public webinar titled “Rethinking Remanufacturing: Waste to Ways for Sustainable Growth” was organized and attended by Rentwise staff, customers and partners. Participants were able to learn more about the latest trends, opportunities and development involving Remanufacturing and the circular economy.

Sustainability is good for business

We were proud to have with us Ms. Shanta Helena Dwarkasing, Director of Programs from United Nations Global Compact Network Malaysia/Brunei and Dr Magdalene Andrew Munot, Senior Lecturer at the Deparment of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) to share about the role of Remanufacturing as a key enabler for sustainability.

Ms Li Jin Chin, Senior Managing Partner of ACMF Circular Economy moderated the insightful session that saw an exciting discussion surrounding the differences of value-creation potential between recycle, refurbish and remanufacturing. To top it off, the role of IT equipment remanufacturing in circular economy is well defined as a key activity to combat e-waste and promote sustainable development.

Remanufacturing VS other recovery techniques

The Remanufacturing Industries Council defines Remanufacturing as “a comprehensive and rigorous industrial process by which a previously sold, leased, used, worn, or non-functional product or part is returned to a “like-new” or “better-than-new” condition, from both a quality and performance perspective, through a controlled, reproducible, and sustainable process.” More importantly, it is worth noting that Remanufacturing is not the same as “recycling”, “repairing” or “refurbishing”.

Fact: Rentwise since its inception, has on an average, remanufactured more than 64,000 PCs, with about equal amount between notebooks and desktops. These remanufactured computers have helped reduced more than 83,000 tonnes of CO2e emission, with an estimated duration of use for each computer at 10 years (total 3 cycles at 3 years per cycle).

Fact: Remanufacturing saves, on average up to, 85% of energy use, 86% of water use, and 85% of material use compared to new goods.

Reman Day is an annual global event executed at the local level supported by remanufacturers as they host students, teachers, parents, job seekers and other local community members at open houses, plant tours and presentations designed to showcase the social, economic and environmental benefits of remanufacturing.

“There are countless advantages to remanufacturing goods, including localized job creation and waste diversion,” said Ms Leanne Ooi, CEO of Rentwise Sdn Bhd. “The goal of Reman Day is to advocate for remanufactured goods, educate people on the advantages of remanufacturing, and collaborate with our communities in order to identify future remanufacturing leaders.”

Rentwise is always proud to be part of this annual celebration of World Remanufacturing Day with other remanufacturing industries globally. This special day represents the very core business of what Rentwise does best. Remanufacturing is poised to effectively combat e-waste in the ICT industry, bring about social and environmental improvements, and harness the trillion dollar business of circular economy. In short, Remanufacturing impacts people, planet and profits.

What is ESG?

The use of Rentwise’s carbon neutral remanufactured computers is appropriate in light of the urgency to combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions. This is a simple first step of change in the right direction for large or small companies to decarbonize and remain not just relevant but profitable as they navigate the challenging ESG landscape.

Rentwise is proud to be involved in an international event during the Expo 2020 Dubai’s Week 26 Circular Economy held from 27 – 31 March 2022. This event was driven by the Malaysian Green Technology & Climate Change Corporation (MGTC) and hosted at Malaysia’s Net Zero Carbon Pavilion amongst other exhibitors whose products and services revolves around the idea of zero waste and cycling of materials.As the leading Green IT infrastructure service provider and the first and only IT equipment remanufacturer in Malaysia, Rentwise’s unique circular computers help reduce carbon footprint and improves organisations’ ESG profile. On this note, we are truly proud to be representing Malaysia on the international stage with a unique climate solution.Throughout the course of this event, we had the opportunity to engage with officers from the Ministry of Environment & Water Malaysia (KASA). The resulting dialogue explored how Rentwise’s unique financing and rental solution for remanufactured desktops and laptops can help increase competitiveness in the green industry, spur business development in the global market, increase employment, improve health and subsequently reduce poverty. Circular economy indeed has far and wide reaching benefits that can potentially catalyse progress towards a low carbon and climate resilient growth.We are certainly looking forward to participate in future similar events as we value the global recognition and reach this platform offers. We hope the environmental and financial benefits offered by our award winning remanufactured computers can be enjoyed by cost-conscious and discerning corporations looking for affordable and actionable means to decarbonize and improve on their ESG profile.Rentwise is the leading green IT company in the Circular Economy space focused on delivering quality remanufactured desktops and laptops on an IT leasing structure. This sustainable computing solution helps save money, reduce carbon footprint and drives companies’ vision to achieve their ESG goals. Our circular computers’ utility are kept at the highest functional performance for the longest period of time, thereby extending the lifespan of IT equipment before they are responsibly disposed and recycled.

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Over the years, we have read of companies been held for ransom of millions of dollars due to the lack of cyber security and data back-up. This danger is not going away any time soon. In fact, it is more rampant.

We simply cannot afford to be complacent anymore.

This pre-recorded webinar dated 27th April, 2020 is very much valid today. It gives insight to the importance of data governance – what to look out for, how to keep your data safe and manage it. Also, included in this webinar, are safe and effective tools and functionalities for remote digital access to productivity, line of business applications and communication/collaboration tools to help protect and pivot businesses during such disruptive times.

Have a listen to the webinar – “Technology-The Enabler during period of Uncertainties”.


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The severity of the Covid-19 pandemic has taken all of us aback. Businesses all around are disrupted. Finding the best strategy to continue operating your business, staying in touch with your customers and your staff and ultimately to stay afloat, is the main concern.

Taking the situation at hand, Rentwise launched an inaugural webinar event on 8th April titled “The Truth about PC Tech : How you can save thousands and CO2”.

This informative session aims to prove that the latest and greatest IT equipment is not the only option to manage a business. Discover the benefits of Remanufactured equipment which have the same base functions, which works and looks like new, but at a fraction of the cost. At the same time, reducing CO2 by up to 75%!

Enclosed is the recording to the webinar for your viewing:


Stay tuned for our upcoming webinars.

Stay Safe and keep healthy.

The Methodist Church, Raub, Pahang runs a hostel for Orang Asli children. The hostel has a capacity of 80, but currently, there are 14 Secondary school going children. Due to lack of financial resources, the Methodist church has reached out to Rentwise to donate computers for the children’s use. Computer savviness will prepare the children to bridge the digital gap and arm themselves for a brighter future.

Rentwise Sdn Bhd is a provider of Green IT Infrastructure services. Its Remanufacturing 16 step process reduces CO2 by over 80% thus ensuring sustainability and a greener environment. As part of our CSR initiatives, Rentwise donated 10 computers towards this programme. Its belief that every children is to be educated and to be better equipped in IT to ready themselves towards the digital era.

Being one of  Malaysia’s leading green IT infrastructure service provider, Rentwise is committed to engaging with the latest industries’ movers and shakers to enhance and to keep pace with the ever changing landscape. We are proud to have participated and be a part of the three conferences in June 2019 titled Federation of Manufacturer Malaysia ICT Conference, SME CEO Forum, and Green Build Conference.