What might you get when a trusted partner in Green IT Infrastructure Services and one of Malaysia’s largest conglomerates come together for good? Safe and healthy tech-savvy kids!

In this collaboration between Rentwise and the Sunway Group, two industry players gave back to the community, sponsoring 40 remanufactured PCs worth almost RM52,000 to SJK(T)Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, Klang. Come 2020, the school will be celebrating its 100th year platinum jubilee.

A CSR initiative should be aimed at making an impact. Speak to the school kids and you can expect to find that they’ve benefited greatly.

Working to ensure that children have safer, more sustainable and more efficient means of access to technology is a responsibility that Rentwise and the Sunway Group have taken in their stride. In fact, this marks their 5th CSR partnership in the past 2 years.

The manufacturing of standard PCs involves the use of carbon materials. While it exhaust irreplaceable natural resources, the CO2 emissions hampers sustainability in the long run. These emissions greatly impact the environment and contributes to global warming thus affecting the future generations.

Rentwise is certified and experienced in the remanufacturing of computers over the last 18 years. Through the use of remanufactured computers,CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced by over 80%, thus helping the environment while educating schoolchildren the benefits from reusing.

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