An inaugural win for Rentwise Sdn Bhd under the Circular Economy Leadership category of the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2020 at the 6th International CSR & Sustainability Summit ICS Summit 2020. The sole Malaysian winner of the category, this award is an affirmation of Rentwise’s relentless commitment and leadership towards remanufacturing for a sustainable environment whilst bridging the digital gap in our younger generation.

This programme honours Asian businesses for championing sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship through leadership, involvement in communities and protection of the environment amongst others.

This year, over 200 submissions across 19 countries were received from organizations across Asia. Winners were determined not just by their efforts and results, but also by such criteria as effective delineation, nexus to the community, identification of needs, measurability, effectiveness of implementation, ability to reach the target audience, impact, leadership involvement, institutionalization and continuity.

The most coveted Economic, Social and Governance (ESG) event in the region – AREA 2020 are supported by, amongst others, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific (UNESCAP), World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Circular Economy Club, CSRone Taiwan, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia (MOSTI), National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (N.I.E.L) Cambodia, Institute for (IGES) Japan, Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy and Vietnam Development.

CEO, Ms Leanne Ooi’s acceptance speech:-

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A very proud moment indeed to be awarded the winner under the Circular Economy Leadership category at the 6th International CSR & Sustainability Summit and Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2020. This program honours Asian businesses for championing sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship through leadership, involvement in communities and protection of the environment amongst others. This award affirms our commitment towards remanufacturing for a cleaner environment and bridging the digital gap in our younger generation.

We are responsible and are witnesses to the destruction and deterioration of the environment. Before conditions become irreversible and irreparable, being a social enterprise, Rentwise adopted the agenda of Digital 2030 as a call to action to drive transformation towards eradicating poverty, quality education, protecting the planet, just to name a few. Digital technology is the critical tool and a bridge that connects the world, to accelerate momentum and to achieve the same goals for a sustainable environment.¹ Technology is evolving continuously. One of the better option of technology that has emerged is the process of remanufacturing.

To reduce IT carbon footprint in Malaysia.

Not many realise that manufacturing of IT desktop and laptop PCs are one of the contributing factors to environmental issues. It has been calculated that the manufacturing of a new computer and monitor requires an approximate 240kg of fossil fuel, 21.8 kg of chemicals and 1.5 tonnes of water (natural resources angle) which is adding to greenhouse gas emissions.²

The current state of the environment is at an alarming stage with the increased levels of greenhouse gas emissions, loss of habitats, depletion of natural resources that is resulting in global warming (incl. Basel Convention:- “ratify to reduce national carbon footprint by 45% by 2030”). Carbon footprint of a newly manufactured laptop and desktop emits 350kg CO2 and 800kg CO2 respectively. Figuratively, 15 laptops generate as much CO2 of a mid-sized car. ³ In 2019, over 2.34 million PCs were shipped to Malaysia of which over 1 million tonnes of e-waste was recorded. We will see a rise in damages which maybe irreversible, in the years to come unless we relook into avenues to decrease such effects with immediate effect.

Remonetise used PCs to reduce cost of ownership and encourage change out at year 4.

With the explosion of new equipment been manufactured worldwide, the market is flooded with used desktop and laptop PCs as the need arises to refresh and upgrade them. Used equipment can be remanufactured to perform as well as its succeeding model. In this context, corporates who normally refresh their equipment after 3-4 years usage are able to monetise on their used equipment through a trusted IT disposition partner to ensure the by-products are ethically disposed.

The emergence of remanufacturing industries will not only give rise to special skilled labour force but, as a sustainable solution that preserves the environment and at the same time, gives cost efficiencies to the user. At that juncture too, a percentage of used computers can be donated for CSR purposes. These donated PCs can be repurposed for usage in schools benefitting thousands of school children in their ICT studies.

To have all SMEs in Malaysia adopt a new-remanufactured hybrid model.

Many businesses have been re-evaluating their processes, cash flow and staff management post Covid-19. Common office workers’ environment only requires productivity applications hence the need for latest/greatest is not warranted. From experience, >80% falls into such type.

An ideal situation is to encourage SMEs adopt remanufactured desktops and laptops pc (which looks and performs like new). These remanufactured equipment are business grade class which is durable and reliable, can be packaged with an end to end solution which includes a minimum of 3 year warranty, software solutions and support services. In essence, a better option as oppose to new non-business grade PCs should affordability be a critical decision-making factor.

To equip all schools with IT infrastructure.

With the latest Malaysian Education Blueprint (2013-2025), the focus is on quality education. ICT integration will enhance and accelerate collaborative learning skills, developing transversal skills that stimulate critical thinking, problem solving and maximise the students’ abilities in active learning and hands-on activities. These are core values that the students need to achieve in an active teaching and learning environment.⁴

The criteria to a successful implementation of an ICT environment is, the infrastructure, the supply of computers and connectivity in all schools throughout the country. Schools in urban areas enjoy such facilities, however, not all. Moreover, the student-computer ratio is high. Many of the computers and infrastructure sponsored during the initial implementation of this programme has seen better days. To obtain replacements or an upgrade to the IT infrastructure such as bandwidth and even technical assistance, is the main challenge. The situation in the rural areas is beyond comprehension with the very basic or outdated or none at all.

Remanufactured desktop and laptop PCs are an inexpensive solution attached with warranty and support would suffice for another 2 cycles (1 cycle is equivalent to approximately 3 years of usage), at the least, without compromising its quality or technology, thus ensuring the future generation acquire the fundamental ICT skills. This process of reusing will result in one of the ways to reducing the ever increasing carbon footprint.



17th September, 2020 marks the beginning of a social impact collaboration journey between Rentwise Sdn Bhd and Medical Awareness Camp Outreach (MACO).

It was discovered during their ongoing “Meal A Day” project for school children in B40 families that these children were deprived of a computer to further their online learning. Hence, their Computer Empowerment Program was initiated to provide individual students with computers.

“No child should be left behind” – As like-minded partners who share the passion and vision to raise the standard of ICT knowledge especially in school going children, priorities are given to needy schools with basic or lack of ICT equipment.

The current pandemic has caused a worldwide disruption of the educational systems leading to a total closure of schools, universities and colleges. Many primary and secondary schools here are not well equipped with computers, needless to say, some are even without basic infrastructure to support these equipment. Children in the B40 group are affected the most as they are not able to afford connectivity in their homes left alone computers. Education virtually becomes a standstill and these children are left behind.

Seeing a potential in their programme that is aligned to the same cause of bridging the national digital learning gap, Rentwise initiated this collaboration effort with MACO with a donation of 100 thin client computers, to be refurbished by their team of PC repair volunteers. This amplifies the beneficiary outreach of Rentwise’s Digital Learning Programme (DLEP) than working alone. Therefore, instead of a one-off stint, Rentwise has also agreed to continually donate partial of its off-lease retired used computers that is estimated to be in the hundreds per annum, benefitting thousands of school children.

About Rentwise

Rentwise Sdn Bhd, is a provider of Green IT infrastructure, certified remanufacturer by MITI and a registered social enterprise with MaGIC. With 19 years in this industry, Rentwise has been innovating to maximise the lifespan of IT equipment by repurposing retired desktop and laptop computers, making them as good as new, if not better, through a process known as remanufacturing.

Corporate and government bodies are welcome to donate computers and to collaborate with Rentwise to play an integral and significant role to bridge the digital divide that Malaysian students suffer from. To find out more, kindly visit

About MACO (Perubatan Dan Kesihatan Awam)

Perubatan Dan Kesihatan Awam, also known as Medical Awareness Camp Outreach (MACO), a registered NGO, was set up to provide free medical services to the poor by a group of specialist and volunteers in Jan 2015. They have since conducted more than 20 medical camps for urban poor communities.  Funding these activities are through donations. They recently launched a Computer Empowerment Program to provide refurbished computers to children from families of lower income group to learn online.

Find out more :

Improving IT skills of children has been one of the core passion of Rentwise. Since 2009, through our CSR initiatives and in collaboration with corporates, we have refreshed and deployed remanufactured computers to needy schools and NGOs benefiting over 20 thousand children. As quoted by our CEO, Ms Leanne Ooi “ Education is the way out of poverty”. Reach out to us to continue this effort for a joint CSR initiative to ensure no child is left behind.
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Over the years, we have read of companies been held for ransom of millions of dollars due to the lack of cyber security and data back-up. This danger is not going away any time soon. In fact, it is more rampant.

We simply cannot afford to be complacent anymore.

This pre-recorded webinar dated 27th April, 2020 is very much valid today. It gives insight to the importance of data governance – what to look out for, how to keep your data safe and manage it. Also, included in this webinar, are safe and effective tools and functionalities for remote digital access to productivity, line of business applications and communication/collaboration tools to help protect and pivot businesses during such disruptive times.

Have a listen to the webinar – “Technology-The Enabler during period of Uncertainties”.

“Technology, The Enable During Period of Uncertainties” is a webinar hosted by Rentwise Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Microsoft distributor, Rhipe to share insights on effective remote working and collaboration tools for business continuity during disruptive times. This webinar also covers the importance of data governance and how to keep your data safe and secure.

We commemorate World Environment Day today.

The planet has undergone many phases of destruction, contamination and pollution, resulting in the rise in CO2, leading to a drastic global warming. A change in mind set is imperative. The earth is sick. We as guardians of this planet, for the generations to come, need to be consciously committed towards conservation and to be innovative in how we can reuse, recycle and remanufacture what we have in hand before it is beyond our control.

¹Extracted from Wikipedia, remanufacturing is the rebuilding of a product to specifications of the original manufactured product using a combination of reused, repaired and new parts. It is a form of product recovery process that differs from other recovery processes in its completeness. A remanufactured machine should match the same as a new machine. In layman’s term, remanufacturing is overhauling or rebuilding of a product. It is a GREEN process – keeping hazardous products out of landfill for a much longer period.

Remanufacturing has been in place long before the word was coined. The automotive industry for example, where spare parts and components were a major focus of the remanufacturing activities. Likewise, with the IT industry.

It is a known fact and now practiced worldwide, that remanufacturing is a catalyst to a cleaner environment. A newly manufactured desktop computer and monitor uses an approximate 250kg of fossil fuel, 21.8 kg of chemicals and 1.5 tonnes of water (natural resources angle). IT equipment alone accounts for 9% of all energy consumed by businesses. This is the 3rd largest source of power for the commercial sector². Remanufacturing preserves much of the original product thus reducing the consumption of raw materials and CO2 emissions. Carbon footprint of a newly manufactured laptop/desktop emits 350kg CO2 and 800kg CO2 respectively³. Figuratively, 15 laptops generate as much CO2 of a mid-sized car. In 2019, Malaysia alone shipped in 2.34 million PCs!!

Remanufacturing also creates a large pool of opportunities especially for employment. As new machines are mainly manufactured overseas, it provides the local community, the industrial problem solving skill knowledge as opposed to production skill sets and the art of manufacturing processes. It is a process of dismantling, repairing, rebuilding, rigorous testing and inspection before it is rolled out to the customers. This then is an ideal way to train and re-skill new labour force in the industry. This is a holistic and a complete process, where customers’ expectation of a used product’s performance is the same as if it were brand new and to look like new as well. Warranties for remanufactured products may or may not differ from the original supplier thus reiterating that quality is not compromised⁴.

At the same time, the process of remanufacturing reduces cost benefitting the consumers. Typically, a remanufactured equipment is less than 50% the cost of new equipment. This saving is derived from the recovery of materials and energy consumption of the product. Besides the significant cost factor, remanufactured computers comes with support and services, giving you the assurance of low downtime.

Remanufacturing will be the “new norm” for many industries going forwards. Citizens of the earth are more educated and informed and are becoming more accountable towards environmental issues that is currently affecting the eco system and the climate.

Plants and animal species are facing extinction, pollution of our waters and land has increased. Habitats are lost due to mining of raw materials, landfills with toxic waste and the increase of the sea level due to global warming that is melting the ice sheets. Economy suffers as we are not able to reap the once available bounties of nature.

All in all, in essence, remanufacturing can help reverse the worsening effects of the eco-system and global warming.


¹ Wikipedia :
² Study :

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