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In this day and age, when we think of education, it is natural to associate it with a computer. This is because digital literacy is the way forward for generations to come.

Prior to the establishment of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tun Fuad Stephens (SMK TFS), many students did not continue their education to secondary school. The nearest secondary school was located in the neighbouring towns and accessibility was only through one red dirt road mixed with gravel whilst the public transport available then was a few ‘Land Cruisers’.

With its history dating back from 1982, SMK Tun Fuad Stephens now has a population of 1,069. Approximately 60km from Kota Kinabalu, the school serves about 16 villages around its vicinity, many of whom are in the B40 category.

Nonetheless, although the school possesses an IT lab, unfortunately there are no functional PCs. Upon hearing this and being approached by the school to assist this situation, Rentwise reached out to our corporate clients to venture into this initiative. Sharing the same vision to bridge the digital divide in school going children, Sunway Medical stepped up to answer this call in collaborating with us with a donation of 23 remanufactured desktops (which will serve the children for a good 3-5 years).

Sadly, due to unfortunate circumstances caused by the implementation of the MCO in March 2020, which resulted in the delayed deployment of these computers, only in January 2021 were the items finally able to reach SMK Tun Fuad Stephens, Kiulu, Tamparuli, Sabah.

By sharing this true experience endured by many nationwide due to the lack of IT equipment in schools, Rentwise calls out to corporates to come forward to address these pressing needs and together we can help empower our children’s future. After all, education is a fundamental human right!

“Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime” –  Lao Tzu

“A child without education is like a bird without wings.” – Tibetan Proverb

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As our technologies evolve, our society is expected to advance alongside them. That’s why in today’s digitalised era – where smartphones, tablets, and gadgets rule our everyday lives – it’s become more important than ever to make sure that we are given proper IT education. And it’s this education that must be taught in our youth in order to catch up with the pace of our evolution.

In order to nurture IT education in the young while making sure that carbon emissions are kept to a minimum or ideally offset completely, Selangor-based secondary school SMK Desa Serdang received 25 remanufactured desktop PCs from Rentwise Sdn Bhd, in collaboration with Sunway Medical Centre Sdn Bhd in October 2021.

This donation comes as part of Rentwise’s CSR efforts, and will benefit the 1200 students currently studying at the school. Students there will receive the bulk of the core education which will help prepare them for adulthood, where they will also begin to explore what they wish to pursue in the future. With that in mind, receiving a proper IT education is a core part of their maturation and development.

Rentwise Sdn Bhd currently leads Malaysia’s green IT infrastructure sector, serving as a MITI-certified manufacturer and Microsoft-registered refurbisher of technological devices. Understanding that purchasing new devices can be incredibly costly on both finances and the environment, this sustainability-focused enterprise has placed their efforts in giving old and used devices a new life through a meticulous 16-step restoration process. The result? Devices that return their former glory, appearing and performing as if new.

For more details on Rentwise’s services, visit here.

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In October 2021, the future got a lot brighter for the students of SJK Tamil Dengkil. Thanks to the contribution of used equipment from Sunway Medical Centre Sdn Bhd, 20 remanufactured desktop PCs from leading green IT infrastructure services provider, Rentwise Sdn Bhd, were donated to the school for the children’s use.

A primary school located in the Sepang District of Selangor, the institution currently provides for a total of 295 students. In order to improve IT education and better secure future opportunities for its students, the school sought support from Rentwise to procure remanufactured computers.

In their pursuit to make modern and digitalised living kinder to the environment, Rentwise specializes in the remanufacture and refurbishment of everyday devices such as laptops, desktops, and even smartphones. By breathing new life into used or old parts, the company is able to not only return devices to same-as-new, or better condition and performance – but also helps cut costs up to 40% and reduce their carbon footprint by 75%. The remaining C02 emissions are offset by reforestation, which allows Rentwise products to reach Carbon Neutrality – contributing to more sustainable, environmentally-friendly efforts.

This CSR initiative by Rentwise is a testament to the company’s mission in significantly offsetting their annual carbon footprint and the race to net zero.

For further details on how remanufactured and refurbished products work at Rentwise, more information can be found here.

With Malaysians facing the brunt of lockdown by spending more and more time on our screens, it’s easy not to realise that even something as simple as surfing the web for hours can greatly increase the amount of carbon emissions generated by the energy consumption of data centres.

And with overuse, it also quickly invites wear and tear on devices, leaving those unaware of greener solutions to simply dump their once technological marvels – behind a massive carbon footprint while contributing to waste.

As Malaysia’s leading Green IT Infrastructure Services provider in Malaysia, we at Rentwise look to provide locals with a two-hit solution to not only neutralise their carbon emissions, but to also help the environment heal from the destruction wrought upon them. To achieve this, we look to decarbonisation and reforestation – keep on reading to find out how this works.

Simply put, the term “decarbonisation” literally means the reduction of carbon, by sustainably reducing and compensating the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). It’s also known as carbon neutrality, meaning that carbon dioxide output has a net neutral impact on the environment, which in return could help stem the effects of climate change. It is a known fact that greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide increase average temperatures worldwide – leading to rising sea levels, changing weather patterns, and other factors associated with climate change.

Decarbonisation or carbon neutrality is usually achieved through the increased use of low-carbon power generation, large-scale use of electric vehicles via “clean” technologies, as well as the reduction in the use of fossil fuels. The latter would typically be replaced with renewable energy sources such as wind power, biomass, or solar power.

Decarbonisation or carbon neutrality is usually achieved through the increased use of low-carbon power generation, large-scale use of electric vehicles via “clean” technologies, as well as the reduction in the use of fossil fuels. The latter would typically be replaced with renewable energy sources such as wind power, biomass, or solar power.

As you know, deforestation is the removal of a forest or a wide area of trees from land, which is then typically converted to commercial and industrial use. Now think of the opposite of that, and you get reforestation.

Reforestation can either be the natural or intentional “restocking” of these depleted lands, which can greatly improve the quality of human life and rectify the negative effects of deforestation. This includes the rebuilding of natural habitats, rebalancing ecosystems, and mitigating global warming through the biosequestration of carbon dioxide. Reforestation is basically one of the best methods in tackling climate change.

At Rentwise, we’re committed to becoming Net Zero by 2030 through our circular business model that allows you to offset your carbon footprint, while our Reforestation Initiative is our part in helping to reverse the climate crisis and halting the destruction of the environment.

Did you know that a total of 15 laptops can actually generate as much carbon emissions as a mid-sized car? In 2019 alone, the shipment of new PCs to Malaysia exceeded 2.3 million units – which drastically increased our carbon emissions.

This is where our Remanufacturing process comes into play to help with decarbonisation. This is a standardised industrial process by which we salvage and remanufacture retired equipment, which returns them to a same-as-new or better condition in appearance and performance. Compared to the plain process of repair, refurbish, or reuse, this not only extends the life cycle of the product, but also eradicates waste generation, while helping to offset about 75-80% of carbon footprint.

But what of the residual amount? Then we make our way to the Race to Net Zero Package, where we offer the opportunity to give back to the environment and offset remaining carbon footprint by reforestation.

As the country – and the world – slowly shifts to a more remote workforce and greater reliance on technology, we should make the effort whenever possible to combat their negative effects. After all, at the end of the day, our ambitions and daily necessities should not cost the Earth.

By choosing Rentwise remanufactured laptops or desktop PCs, companies and organisations can choose whether to plant a tree in Nepal, Kenya, Italy, Haiti, Honduras, Madagascar, Tanzania, Colombia, Cameroon, Guatemala, Ghana, or Equador in their name. They will then be provided information about the impact of their tree – each tree will be able to absorb up to 350kg of CO2, the community that takes care of it, updates on the project progress, as well as geolocation and photographing of the trees when planted.

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Local institution Sekolah Kebangsaan Kg Raja Uda – or SK Kg Raja Uda for short – is based at Jalan Kenanga in the state of Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor. Comprised of a total of 743 students, the school has struggled with providing sufficient IT education due to a lack of resources. In this technologically-driven era, it’s crucial to have, at the very least, basic IT education instilled into children so that they will be well-equipped to pursue their aspirations in the future.

As the country’s leading provider in green IT infrastructure services, Rentwise Sdn Bhd believes that not only is education important – but it shouldn’t cost the earth. Rather than have the world constantly rely on purchasing new computers, the local enterprise prides itself on its 16-step remanufacturing process, where reused as well as repaired computer parts are combined and then rebuilt into devices that perform just like new. This not only helps to save up to 75% in carbon footprint compared to new purchases, it also reduces monetary cost by up to 40%.

With used equipment donated through Sunway Medical Centre Sdn Bhd, Rentwise delivered a total of 20 remanufactured desktop PCs to SK Kg Raja Uda in August 2021 as part of their CSR initiatives. With this donation, the students of SK Kg Raja Uda will have improved access to IT education, and be better equipped to face the digital future. This also cements Rentwise’s leadership in green IT infrastructure and its commitment to foster education in children.

More details on Rentwise’s services can be found here.

Circular economy model is a key approach to sustainability as we push the nation forward to a quality societal and environmental growth.

In a recent interview covered by The Edge, Leanne Ooi the CEO of Rentwise shares her view and passion in bringing the organisation one step closer to helping children from the disadvantaged community of Malaysia, as they repurpose Green IT as a solution in aiding and improving remote learning amongst students today.

Rentwise, recognised as a green IT infrastructure solution that focuses on remanufacturing and expanding the lifespan of electronics’, booms to be a promising trend today as many corporates and educational institutions foresee the benefit through a bigger return in the capital as well as a sustaining IT lifecycle solution.

With a driven circular innovation as such, the effort shared by Rentwise promises a great opportunity for many to cope with the pandemic as Leanne Ooi and her team plays a vital role in bridging the digital divide faced by many children and families from the rural community via effective partnerships and collaborations implemented along with various corporates and the government respectively.

With a driven circular innovation as such, the effort shared by Rentwise promises a great opportunity for many to cope with the pandemic as Leanne Ooi and her team plays a vital role in bridging the digital divide faced by many children and families from the rural community via effective partnerships and collaborations implemented along with various corporates and the government respectively.

Read more here on: Leanne Ooi Leading the way on Remanufacturing.

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The “give back to the community” effort has been the driver that initiated the Digital Learning Empowerment Programme (DLEP) in 2009. By equipping needy schools as well as NGOs with PCs and upgraded infrastructure, this program ensures that no child in dire need for these facilities would be left behind. Recently, Malaysia’s largest bottled water producer, Spritzer Bhd (est. 1993) and Rentwise Sdn Bhd saw 16 PCs worth RM33,500.00 donated to Hua Lian High School in Taiping, Perak.

At an interview with BFM on 18th Feb, 2021, Dr. Chuah Chaw Teo, R&D Director for Spritzer Bhd, likened the collaboration with Rentwise as an alignment of common goals – ‘to bridge and uplift the standard of digital education’. Further reiterating that Rentwise’s stringent remanufacturing process is beneficial to the environment by reducing carbon footprint. He also mentioned that Spritzer’s Chairman who is an active member of the school board, very passionate about the welfare and well-being of the students and teachers alike, also supported this initiative as yearly donation drives which involve the community and business partners are usually organised to ensure that the facilities and upkeep of the related schools are maintained.

Likewise, Ms Leanne Ooi, CEO of Rentwise, celebrates this coming together by stating, “We need more organisations to come forward to fulfil such needs,” crediting Spritzer Bhd for their like mindedness in this collaboration. Adding on, “This successful collaboration will open the pathway to many similar projects between Spritzer and Rentwise in the near future.”

Over the years, Rentwise has collaborated with various corporate entities to donate their retired PCs for the common good. Taking this opportunity, Ms Ooi calls out to corporates, MNCs, GLCs, and even government bodies by encouraging them to work with Rentwise to ensure a better future for generations to come by providing PC access to more needy schools and NGOs.

BFM podcast: https://www.bfm.my/podcast/enterprise/open-for-business/ent-ofb-splashing-out-on-pcs-for-education

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The impact of Covid-19 has brought a severe disruption amongst the educational institutions and level of learning conducted in Malaysia today. Coming to recognise the inadequacies and inequities present during a crisis as such, Rentwise is proud to have combined its efforts with the prestigious Harvard Club of Malaysia in May 2021 in providing the best support of services through its Digital Learning Empowerment Programme (DLEP).

Serving to support the advancement of the Malaysian education institutions through a complete set of digital learning resources and ICT development, a pilot corporate social responsibility (CSR) project with the Harvard Club of Malaysia was initiated. A total of 25 units of desktops and monitors were distributed to the reputable school of SK Damansara Jaya 2, Selangor.

The Harvard Club of Malaysia which was founded and developed to foster the spirit of community and fraternity amongst its members, also holds a special mission by heart in wanting to improve the educational growth and welfare of the needy community in Malaysia. “This has indeed nurtured our vision together as we combine and implement our efforts in providing IT equipment that delivers additional measures for the school in providing continuous educational support through online learning systems during this pandemic,” conveyed Mr. Lanz Boo, the Commercial Director at Rentwise, Malaysia.

As a provider of Green IT infrastructure services, Rentwise seeks to raise the educational standards of Malaysia through various CSR initiatives and collaborations with corporate clients. As such, this would not just develop a sustainable learning opportunity but also contribute to the growth of a resilient community in the future.

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Established in 1959 by the De La Salle Brothers as a way to ease pressure off places in the rapidly expanding St. John’s Institution, national primary school SK La Salle, Petaling Jaya, carries a notable history in Malaysia’s education industry. With En. Zakaria at the helm of the primary school, the institution now provides for 480 students.

As part of its ongoing CSR program dedicated to improving the IT education of young Malaysians in the most environmentally-friendly way possible, Rentwise Sdn Bhd has graciously equipped SK La Salle’s computer labs with 20 remanufactured desktop PCs, donated by Sunway Medical Centre Sdn Bhd in April 2021.

While most may think it is ideal to rely on brand new devices, Rentwise debunks this myth through their remanufacturing and refurbishing services on old, used devices. Microsoft-registered and MITI-certified, the company believes their solutions provide a greener solution in the IT Infrastructure sector – offsetting carbon emissions by 75% and saving up to 40% in cost. Where others may see computers that are “too old” to function, Rentwise sees this as an opportunity to create a solution that’s better for both consumers and the environment – without compromising on quality and practicality.

By donating refurbished desktops to local schools, Rentwise will be able to help improve the education quality of Malaysian students while staying true to their commitment in their race to net zero.

For more information on what Rentwise has to offer, details can be found here.

1. How to keep your business resilient
2. Disruption or Continuity
3. Better be safe than sorry

The buzz word is “the new norm”. Mankind is still learning to maneuver and adapt around the course the COVID-19 pandemic has left in its trail. Amid this upheaval, many have made abrupt shift to working from home. So, is that enough? It is not just the matter of uprooting from office to home. The shift is massive and consequential with major considerations from policies and processes that need to be attended to.


  • IT management
    • Availability of tools for IT teams who work remotely to provide secure and sufficient access to employees working from home.
    • The complexity in organizing the multiple managed and unmanaged devices, to mitigate problems swiftly to the wide spread of remote employees so that it does not affect their operations and the employees.
    • Ensuring assess mechanisms for connectivity – video conferencing etc.
    • Audit, pack and delivery to Work from Home users for IMACD process are likely to have non-compliance issues for service level as well as being costly for internal effort vs outsource.
  • Data Security
    • It is noted the cybercriminals take full advantage of this scenario. According to a survey commissioned by Barracuda and conducted by Censuswide from 1000 business decision-makers in the US, UK, France and Germany, 51% of them have seen an increase in email phishing attacks since shifting to a remote working model. 51% also feel their workforce is not proficient or adequately trained in cyber risks associated with remote working. These are red flags to data protection. ¹
  • Back Up
    • Ensuring reliable data backup and recovery plan to manage any disasters or unexpected situation. When employees work remotely, they will usually use laptops or mobile devices to access, update or change business-critical data. However, many companies do not implement a backup system on mobile devices, meaning that remote employees often have problems syncing data automatically to their organization file servers from their laptops which may result in further disruption to the business activities.
    • If an outage of online services occurs, your cloud provider may not be liable for any disruption or loss. Even Microsoft recommends the following in its user agreement,
    • “In the event of an outage, you may not be able to retrieve Your Content or Data that you’ve stored. We recommend that you regularly backup Your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services.”¹


  • Recovery Strategies
    • It is critically important to have a robust backup that companies can fall back on when the worst does happen. It not only allows you to avoid paying huge ransomware fees but also gives you the peace of mind that your business data is always available to you, ensuring business continuity. ¹
    • With so much data being generated in so many places, your backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution should also execute frequent backups from your employees’ devices—every few minutes at a minimum—to the user’s local external drive, your corporate network, or to the Cloud. That way your users can quickly recover critical lost data. And that’s why you need a backup and disaster recovery solution that goes further in the WFH era. ²



One of the biggest advantages of cloud-based compared to on-premises backup is that the cloud is lighter-weight to get up and running and to maintain for IT personnel.

That’s very important, considering that over 90% of IT employees are currently working from home, according to the IT professionals surveyed for Evaluator Group’s recent study, “Enterprise IT Responds to COVID-19.”

Backups play a critical role here in providing available recovery points, including in the cloud, where malware and other issues can quickly replicate across sites and resources.³


DaytaPol, The Future of Cloud Storage

DaytaPol Cloud Backup Solution allows you to secure all your critical data with military-grade encryption. Be it office users or remote users, all user data located on computers, mobile devices, external drives, servers, network devices and services like Dropbox, can be imported into DaytaPol for safe keeping and discovery.

With the automatic protection feature, backup is easy with DaytaPol. DaytaPol automatically uploads all data from the selected computers and servers. The technology also allows you to discover your big data just like a search engine – quick and secure. In just a few clicks, you can get relevant results in near-real time, meaning you can focus on your business.

Besides, DaytaPol cloud backup solution comes with a centralized administration console, where you can deploy, configure, grant access, audit and restore data to users all without having to leave your seat. Talk to our sales personnel today via our business hotline: 1800-22-2088 to find out how DaytaPol can help protect your business data.



¹ https://datastorageasean.com/blogs/why-backup-essential-remote-working
² https://blog.storagecraft.com/rethinking-your-data-backup-and-recovery-strategies-in-the-work-from-home-era/
³ https://searchdatabackup.techtarget.com/tip/How-cloud-backup-can-help-remote-workers